Axle to grind

axleAxle Whitehead will appear on 15 episodes of Home and Away to play a rock star, Liam Murphy.

It’s the first regular television role since his infamous career implosion 2006 ARIA Awards, when he exposed himself on stage.

At the time Whitehead resigned from his hosting gig on Video Hits and after some time in the wilderness returned to his love of music.

“When that happened it gave me time to reassess what the next stage of my career was going to be,” he told the Sunday Herald Sun. “It forced me to get back into music, which was a good thing.”

More recently Whitehead has been welcomed back to the TEN fold, with an appearance at the 2008 ARIAs (alongside radio’s Jabba once more) and performing at network functions with his band.

Whitehead is hoping the Sumemr Bay role could become more permanent.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun


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