Bad hair day sparks feud

jillianwhiting22Sounds like it’s all goin’ down in Brisvegas.

Former Brisbane Extra host Jillian Whiting recently wrote an opinion piece complaining about paying $425 at a hair salon.

“Quite simply, I had a hair emergency as I’d been asked to read Channel 7’s weekend news. You have to have nice hair on television,” she wrote.

“Let’s be honest about this. For a TV presenter, appearance is always the first thing you, the viewer, notices and comments on. Just ask Jessica Rowe. Bad hair is bad news in this industry.”

But now Oscar Cullinan, the owner of Indooroopilly salon Oscar Oscar has hit back.

“The idea that she received a $425 haircut is ridiculous,” he told

“Jillian came into the salon and we gave her a haircut, a full head of foils and a gloss (semi-permanent) colour and she actually had a treatment which we didn’t charge her for so she owes me $30,” he joked.

“And the staff working on her are not second-year apprentices. They are people who are paid a minimum of $30 per hour – qualified professionals – and I had two staff working on her for about three hours.

“You do the maths. My actual profit on a service like that is only about 15 per cent.

“I think poor Jillian has been in la-la land … getting her hair done by the hair people at the TV network and hasn’t stepped into a salon in years.”

What a shame Nine cancelled plans for Million Dollar Salon.



  1. It’s funny, when whatsisname the Aussie rules football club president and the quiz show bloke was running channel 9 in Sydney, I was told he sacked two people from the news hour at Brisbane’s Channel 9, Rick Burnett, host of the 530pm show Brisbane Extra and John Schluter the 6pm news weatherman. Folks deserted 9 News in Brisbane in their droves, and then John Schluter turned up on Sevens 6pm news to do the weather. Now Seven is the news leader in Bris, according to the flawed ratings system, but because I was one of those I have to believe the ratings are right on this occassion 😀

    The funny thin is that the woman with the bad hair day took over Burnett’s spot on Brisbane Extra and is now, suddenly, reading Seven’s weekend news, while the recently retired female 6pm news anchor Heather Foord has fronted up to anchor Extra

    Channel 9 what a laughing stock they are nationwide

  2. As for the haircut (for the Brisbane commenters), if she wanted a expensive do, why didn’t Jillian let Stefan do it himself?

    “Discover yourself, at Stefan, discover yourself, at Stefan, discover yourself (insert footage of speedboat race) with beautiful hair…”

  3. Neon Kitten – I don’t think she was saying Jessica Rowe has bad hair, only that she has been criticised a lot over her appearence (among other things!).

  4. “Just ask Jessica Rowe. Bad hair is bad news in this industry.”

    Bitch alert!

    Jillian, Jessica Rowe has style. You have… that… err… wig?

  5. Katrina Stubbs

    Wouldn;t she have known before she got her hair done how much it would cost? Honestly who would go to a swanky salon like that and not bother to ask first how much?

  6. Hmm, Haircut, 20-30 mins – 1 person
    Foils, 30 mins to put in, 1-2 people
    Sit there with nothing to do for 40-70 mins while foils set – 0 people
    Wash hair, 10 mins – 1 person
    Gloss – no idea
    Product, not really a lot for Salons as they purchase them a lot cheaper than you can.

    You do the maths Oscar , people are really ripped of by these so called Hair Salons

    His maths, 2 people for 3 hours – 2 x 3 x 30 = $180 plus product.
    Pretty hard to see 15% profit on that especially as the staff work on other people whilst you sit there for ages whilst the foils set.

  7. Does anyone really care? Its just hair on a newsreader. I enjoyed reading the story, its funny, but this is the kind of thing Today Tonight would probably run a piece on

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