Bumped: Flashpoint , Cold Case.

Nine makes a switcheroo with its Wednesday crime shows Flashpoint and Cold Case.

flashpoint1Nine has responded quickly to last night’s ratings with a switcheroo for its Wednesday night crime shows.

From next week Cold Case moves to 9:30pm with Flashpoint bumped out to 10:30pm.

Flashpoint last night took 632,000 viewers, beaten by Gangs of Oz on1.18m and Life on 810,000.

Cold Case (561,000) managed to beat Lost (516,000). In Nine’s favour at least it is a show that has established an audience and could trail better out of The Mentalist than the Canadian action drama.

Also on Wednesday night TEN’s Guerilla Gardeners didn’t have a strong debut with 687,000.

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  1. Flashpoint is awesome but I definitely saw this coming, especially with nine showing the episodes eratically out of order………they never learn do they?.
    I’m glad I aquired the show “elsewhere” months ago!

  2. I am seriously wondering if the owners are deliberately trying to sabotage their own network in a Producers-style attempt to get a tax write-off for a failed business. Because I can’t think of a single other reason why they would play a show out of order.

    Networks complain about leeching of their viewers to Cable, download and DVD purchasing but they leave us little choice when they play such games. If I’m going to invest my time in a show I want to see the whole narrative in the way that the people who made it intended me to – not in the way some half-witted TV executive decided on.

  3. Echoes above comments- I did not bother with Flashpoint purely due to sneak peaks or should we say the truth “showing full eps out of order and all over the place”Only show on Nine I might watch on wedsis Framer wants a wife – all else not to my taste.ABC & Ten more to my liking..

  4. Yes it was poor management from Nine to start the Flashpoint slide. It’s not the best show ever sure, but it’s solid enough for my taste and I’ll keep watching it.

    Can anyone tell me why would they air the episodes out of order? Just one good reason would be enough – even a possible reason.

    It was laughable last night when they introduced the ‘new guy’, who we’ve already been watching as a member of the SCU for the last month or so…

  5. I really hope Guerrilla Gardeners picks up and Ten doesn’t act on impulse and brings out the axe – I watched it last night and thought it was very good. It’s very fast moving and it’s definately an alternative program to the other shows on the other networks in that timeslot.

  6. Well I’m not suprised in the slightest. I would have watcehed Flashpoint had I actually known the official start date and time. With all the so called sneak peaks, it was just confusing. The other thing which stopped me watching it was that it was not aired in episode order from the beginning. Nine did this to themselves, and cant blame the viewers for this stuff up.

    Guerilla Gardeners, not suprised. It sounds lame. They should be showing the remaining eps of Rules of Engagement season 2 ready to fast track season 3 which commences in a couple of weeks in the US. Or premier Worst Week which wrapped up season one this week in the US with a very funny episode.

  7. Nine are to blame for Flashpoints failure, it rated well for 2 consecutive airings, then with changes and sneakpeeks and whatnot viewers got tired, I know I watched 2 episodes, but I didn’t bother tuning in again, just couldn’t be bothered, half the bloody first season was played in sneakpeaks….I bet Nine won’t make that mistake next summer 😛

  8. 9 ruined Flashpoint with the Sneak Peaks. Had they have waited, launched it properly and shown in episode order, it would have done alot better. Not to mention late starting times every week.

    9 really need a complete overhaul, as I have mentioned in other threads, the programming is just all over the place and they are losing even more viewers by not starting shows on time as anyone who switches over to 9 to watch what they want have to wait – sometimes painfully – through the ending of the previous show first.

    I mean how many Mentalist fans want to watch the last 10 minutes of Farmer wants a wife?

  9. Take them all off Wednesdays and put them up against less established shows! Thursdays would be better I’d say.

    And Craig is right about Flashpoint. This probably wouldn’t have happened if it was airing on Seven or TEN.

  10. well i hope they don’t still think that their rediculous sneak-peek method works. they made the same mistake with the mentalist switching shows round hoping to pick up more audience but instead just losing them every time.

    judging from the ratings from america i think we all thought that this show (along with mentalist) could have been a hit for 9. but my estimate is that it will join the bandwagon the closer and close to home. playing 5 episodes a year and then replacing them for a movie.

  11. if i were them i would have done a 3-way switcheroo with mentalist at 9:30, flash at 10:30 and something else at 8:30 probably something lighter. for richer for poorer?

    i think that would benefit all 3 timeslots. the mentalist would probably do better at 9:30 than 8:30 to get out of the competition from similar genre shows.

  12. It was only a matter of time!

    I like Flashpoint but ch9 screwed it up by showing it out of order and as ‘sneak peaks’ not even bothering to look up the definition in a dictionary!

    Will Cold Case do any better?

    Not looking good for Guerilla Gardeners…

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