Bumped: Not Going Out, Gavin & Stacey

gavin-stacey-castAfter being thumped by Underbelly last night Seven has amended its programming to slate several repeats of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

As a result UK series Not Going Out and Gavin and Stacey (pictured), originally scheduled to air this Saturday night are out in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Instead it will repeat Housewives at 8:30pm Saturday followed by Brothers & Sisters at 9:30pm Saturday February 14.

Vicar of Dibley repeat is also out.

Sydney and Brisbane have dropped the movie The Holiday and will repeat Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters too.

Seven has also added several repeats of the US drama elsewhere across its schedule including on 7HD and Monday afternoon on Seven.

At such an early point in the new series Seven is clearly keen to hook people into storylines.

Not Going Out and Gavin & Stacey (which looks like a good lil’ show) are currently still slated for February 21, but check back here for an update later.


  1. Gavin & Stacey Fan

    Buy the boxset. its amaaaazing- better than waiting for stupid television- you can buy it and have it delivered for $40
    one of the most wonderful series i have ever seen. English TV kicks butt over American shoes! Australia is too american-ised!

  2. I think channel 7 are so stupid to not air “Gavin and Stacey”. It is such an excellent show and I told all my friends to watch it.
    You just need to look at the viewing fugures from the uk and the number of awards the show has won to see how amazing it is. The christmas episode alone, in the uk, had viewing figures of over 100 million. That is well over the uk population.
    If an American show had had as much success as Gavin and Stacey then it would have been prime time viewing for channel 7.

    Sort it out and put it back on at a decent time.

  3. I am soooo angry that Gavin and Stacey has been taken off the air after only one episode being shown??!! How can you find out how something is going to go after only putting it on for one night?! Its outrageous! I was so excited to watch the 2nd episode i came back from the pub early and even more embarrasing I had told everyone at work to watch it as well…..little did i know that they would switch over to find some rubbish repeat of some rubbish film!
    Get some balls channel 7 and put something different on for a change!

  4. Gavin and Stacey had just been recommended to us so we watched the first episode and enjoyed it. We were looking forward to seeing the next episode but lo and behold TV once again dumbs itself down and has repeats of repeats. We had visitors who had also heard of this popular show from friends in England and were keen to see it once we told them it was on. Sorry, the TV channels went off and we watched a DVD of Top Gear instead. Much better than what was on offer on the telly.

  5. Where’s “Gavin and Stacey” gone?? Officially not happy, Channel 7! Get rid of some of the other rubbish you screen and put “Gavin and Stacey” back on.

  6. What is going on? I watched Gavin and Stacey last week and now it has been taken off. Not happy channel 7. I recorded Underbelly 2, watched about 15 minutes and decided it was absolute rubbish. Even the boobs were not enough
    to keep me interested.

  7. why is gavin and stacy not on, I was really looking forward to this, I don’t normally watch channel 7 for evening tv. as I have foxtel, but you let us down and gave us the usual rubbish instead, so back to foxtel .

  8. nick I reckon that Brothers and Sisters will beat Ladette to Lady. A much better show that trashy girls being posh. B and S is a brilliant well written family drama/saga. I really enjoy it!

  9. Paull, I saw for the first time last night an ad promoting the season five premiere of Lost during the back end of Eli Stone (approximately 11:15 pm). A disappointing but not a surprising move by Seven.

  10. Meh.

    As I said elsewhere, this gives viewers a chance to get back into DH and B&S after ‘trying’ Underbelly II.

    Most who have seen U2 have said it was nothing compared to the first season, so you can expect its ratings to drop week after week. Matthew Newton is doing the show no favours either — even his bum was overhyped!

  11. my goodness, how many time does desperate housewives have to air on 7??? I absolutely hate the show, and once a week is torture enough. Meanwhile, decent shows like 24 and Lost, get constantly bumped to later and later times. Plus they get minimal advertising. So far I have seen 0 ads promoting the lost premiere tomorrow night. Zero. I won’t be surprised if Lost gets pushed off altogether, in favour of yet another Desperate Housewives repeat.

  12. very clever idea, sure the two abc dramas aren’t going to win against underbelly but they don’t want more and more viewers drifting away.

    BTW, do people think Brothers and sisters could take on ladette to Lady?

  13. Well this is a surprise! I must say I am not a fan of Violent Crime, so I didn’t watch Underbelly 1 or will watch Season 2. I am a fan of Aussie Drama and enjoyed Canal Road, East of Everything, Rush etc. However I do enjoy both DH and my fave is B&S. So kudos to 7 to try and hook in viewers. hopefully it was a novelty one off result for 9, but good for Aussie drama.

  14. Meh, typical Seven. As soon as someone pulls them down of their high horse, they go off and do exactly what other networks do against their high rating programs. Hypocrites!

  15. Seven has no chance against Underbelly no matter what it schedules, so they should just accept that and program in shows that will appeal to the crowds who aren’t interested in locally produced crime drama.

    British comedy is a good alternative, even if that is normally an ABC staple.

  16. that’s very interesting, there not giving it a slot like 10.30, 8.30 is very big so it will be interesting to see whether or not this move will get the viewers Seven are hoping for!

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