Bumped: Without a Trace

jackmaloneNine has again altered its plans for new episodes of Without a Trace to air on Sunday nights.

It is now out of schedule as repeats of Underbelly move into 10:30pm.

Without a Trace was originally scheduled to air at 10:30pm last Sunday, but the extended 60 Minutes special pushed it to 11pm, at which point the network opted for a repeat instead.

Repeats of Underbelly are now planned for 10:30pm March 1st and 8th.


  1. Of course it’s been bumped, we can’t have successful Australian actors overseas getting in the way of American style Australian produced drivel getting in the way of professionally produced entertainment now can we? Underbelly phfffft! It’ll be a cold day in hell…….

  2. Let’s see – choice is a new episode of a show people like or whack on a repeat.
    Nine picks the repeat – viewers want the new ep.
    Go figure why folks turn to Seven,Ten,SBS,ABC, even C31

  3. 9 can’t find a place for Without a Trace but somehow manage to show Wipeout twice a week. I mean, really, who is in charge over there? This is not a rhetorical question. I really would like to know who they are and what qualifications they have. Channel 9 really are embarrassing themselves.

  4. personally, this suits me perfectly. on monday i watched top gear and it finished at 9pm so i switched over to good news week as i dodnt want to miss the start of underbelly.

  5. Bet the printed guides in Sunday papers won’t be up to date. As usual. That alone must be costing them 100,000’s of viewers. Not to mention lateness meaning if you flick over at 9.30 say, and your prgram is wrong, you’d have no idea what is going on! Not everyone gets their TV programming from internet, EPGs, web sites like this, etc.

  6. Surely Without a Trace would do better than Unberbelly repeats? Not sure why they see the need to repeat Underbelly as everyone who wants to watch it has pretty well seen it on previous Monday night in any case.

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