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More pilots have been greenlit in the US with big names attached including Jerry Bruckheimer, McG and Mitch Hurwitz.

laurenMore pilots have been greenlit in the US with big names attached including Jerry Bruckheimer, McG and Mitch Hurwitz.

ABC approved an untitled pilot from Jerry Bruckheimer revolving around a team of dedicated amateur detectives working on cases of unidentified victims. If the pilot goes to series, it would be Bruckheimer’s first scripted show on ABC. The network famously passed on CSI before it was sold to CBS.

Producer/ Director McG also won pilot approval for Limelight, a soap set around the teachers and students of a performing arts college in New York City. Loosely based on the experiences of hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes fame, it is described as a blend of contemporary music and dance set against “the dreams, hopes, and struggles of their personal lives.”

It joins another music-themed high school drama, FOX’s Glee, from Nip / Tuck creator Ryan Murphy.

Empire State written by Michael Seitzman, revolves around two families, one of blue collar iron workers and the other of the wealthy real estate tycoons that run them, who collide in present day Manhattan when a Romeo and Juliet romance occurs. ABC Studios will produce.

CBS has approved three drama pilots:

An untitled U.S. Attorney project, from The Unit producer Frank Military, is an ensemble legal show about a team of federal prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan.

Back, from writer Dean Widenmann centres on a man who returns home, only to discover he had been reported missing eight years earlier, after Sept. 11. He must learn how to reconnect with his family and a world that moved on without him.

Washington Field, from Criminal Minds’ Ed Bernero, is named after FBI’s Washington Field Office that houses the National Capital Response Squad, a unit comprising elite experts in different areas who travel around the world, responding to events that concern the U.S. national interest.

And finally Let It Go will star Gilmore Girls‘ Lauren Graham (pictured) as a female talkshow host who is dumped by her boyfriend, and isn’t able to follow her own advice of “letting things go.”

The good news is Arrested Development’s Mitch Hurwitz is an executive producer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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  1. Apart from Lauren Graham, which other actors have lead roles in these new shows? For me, sometimes it is the actors that inspire me to try a new show. Does anyone have any further information on lead role castings?

  2. Bruckheimer and McG are supurb directors and I watch most of their stuff, but they do on occasion loose their way and do mishy, mashy, wishy, washy US stuff, when that happens, click……

  3. RichoTB it’s not like Lauren Graham has been out of work, since GG ended. She has done several movies and is about the do Guys and Dolls on Broadway.

    The ABC sitcom “Let it Go” is likely to be a mid season show set to air in about 12 months, early 2010.

    As a fan I hope it works but as we have seen in the past many shows that look great on paper sometimes don’t click with viewers.

  4. Can’t say I’m too thrilled about any of these. They sound very, very typical.

    I’ll check them out though, if they’re ordered to series that is. I hope these the shows are actually better than these descriptions. If I had read a description of The Closer before seeing it, I would’ve thought it would be the same old show.

    I want to be surprised with at least a couple of these shows.

  5. Wow didn’t know ABC passed on CSI. That’s kinda like being the record company that didn’t sign The Beatles.

    Anyway love Bruckheimer’s stuff & his new one sounds great. Washington Field sounds promising as well. The rest meh.

  6. Oh, ABC. Seriously, what the…

    Another Bruckheimer cime procedural? Innovative!

    Limelight = Fame. Been there, done that.

    And Empire State? Why not just keep Dirty Sexy Money on the air?!!

    The CBS pilots, meanwhile, sound even more woeful.

    Remember, we lost Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and DSM for this.

  7. A lot of ppl will be happy that Gilmore Girls chick has a new job, Ausiello especially. CBS’ pilots don’t look too hot IMO, more generic middle of the road stuff. I enjoyed The Mentalist, but will steer clear of the rest of their stuff. The Unit/lawyer show is another legal drama in a sea of new ones (David E Kelly’s Legally Mad, that new Hilary Duff NBC lawyer show, and there’s a whole heap of others…). After Boston Legal and Eli Stone died I guess ppl are looking to cash in on the market.

    As for the others, Back sounds like October Road 2.0 (exact same premise), if Washington Field is anything like Criminal Minds it will be horrid, and Limelight/Glee both sound like American versions of Britannia High. Out of the news of the pilots the Day One show sounds like the most interesting IMO

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