Eggleston Hall Ladies coming to Oz

ladladyGillian Harbord and Rosemary Shrager, the two UK teachers from Ladette to Lady, are coming to Australia this month.

In a reversal of the Australian girls heading to Eggleston Hall, Nine will bring the two ladies to our shores for a promotional visit.

The over-the-top reality series premieres on February 16th on Nine and follows with a second episode on the 17th.

Nine’s filming of the show is very racy indeed, and is already getting press for some of the lewd behaviour of the participants.


  1. angela nielsen

    how about having a show for the older lady to ladette we have been bought up by beautiful british mums but need a bit of polishing up as you know the australian way can be a bit lax love your show regards angela (a little girl from english parents wish the bloody hell they had stayed in england.I would not have wrinkles the size of prune) regards angela

  2. I love this show, but I disagree with what Principal Harboard and her have to say. So what if Sarah brings out the Australia flag on her hunting trip, she’s patriotic, and shows love towards her country! What a joke!
    How contradicting of them to tell Sarah that she needs to let her guard down in last weeks episode, and when she cries about her sister’s death they question whether or not she is suitable or strong enough for the rest of the journey! Jeez, think before you speak!
    These women are unbelievable ==”

  3. Ladette to Lady ? From the way it looks to me like the show is trying to turn women into low cost hookers for the upper class poms……….yes the girls are uncouth and rambunctious – but the behaviour of the pommie blokes leaves a lot to be desired. And as far as *wars have been started for less* because of a girl being proud of her country ? Bring it on!!

  4. I cannot get enough of this show. It makes me wonder how I have never met people as disgusting and uninspired as the Ladettes. EJ McKenna is spot on; the teeth on some of the Ladettes are woeful! And to think the UK has dental health subsidies.

  5. I love this show and can’t wait for autralian version especailly Mrs Hardcore (as one of the girls in the last series called her). Mrs Harcore is actually just living in the last century but its the other lady who is in charge of deportment and social ettiquette that is the real bitch. She is very two faced.

  6. I’m sure with the Underbelly lead-in L2L won’t need that much promotion to grab decent viewership anyway. But Nine seems intent to want this to do really well.

    Aside from the show, that woman in the picture on the left is a total dog. No-one on TV is more conceited, at least of who I can think of at the moment.

  7. I expect the usual stuff: boobs, bits, sex-play, etc etc, and then ACMA will get complaints from the nutters and Nine will say sorry.

    Just see if I’m wrong.

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