Ellen gets a late showing. Gone: Weeds

You want the good news or the bad news? Ellen gets a regular late night slot on Nine. But Weeds is out.

ellendegHere’s an amendment that even TV Tonight missed in the flurry of changes that have been coming through this week.

Do you want the good news or the bad news (well you already read the headline, right?).

As of Monday Nine will be screening The Ellen DeGeneres Show twice daily, once at 12pm and another late at night.

It starts the late nighters at 11:30pm Monday 16th and continues weeknights, usually at the same time (Friday is pushed to 1:30am). Nine has been re-screening Ellen recently on 9HD.

The bad news is it has backtracked on plans to show the third season of Weeds as a result, including on 9HD. Other late night fillers including Just Shoot Me, Seinfeld are also gone.

To be clear, the afternoon edition of Ellen will remain the first edition off the satellite, with a repeat in the evenings. Meanwhile she moves off 9HD, to be replaced by a variety of shows including Notes from the Underbelly (not that underbelly!), specials with the Gardening Gurus, Stingers etc.

No doubt a regular late night slot will impact on The Late Show with David Letterman on TEN.

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  1. No wonder 9 isn’t number 1 anymore and it seems it’ll stay that way till they get someone fresh in their programming department, there is no way that i would’ve made this programming change.

  2. Maybe Channel Nine doesn’t know that Weeds is a good show. They should know that it’s been nominated for several Emmy’s (best comedy) and won several as well (including best actress). Nine, shame on you for not airing Weeds

  3. Not happy. I was really enjoying Just Shoot Me and Seinfeld.

    As a viewer without Foxtel, but with a TiVo, even the times when they were showed weren’t that bad, because I could watch them later.

    Now, not to be.

    Maybe we’ll see them on the belated Nine 2 channel.

  4. If this is the way nine intends to treat viewers this year (Weeds fan myself), the only time my remote will see the 9 button will be Underbelly (because we *know* that won’t be axed) and the NRL.

    Sorry nine. You’ve consistantely demonstrated that lack of consistant programme schedule is not an issue to your viewers.

    Now if only I had a people meter to let Nine know…

  5. Maybe oz channels could be more like the BBC. They often premiere shows on BBC3 a digital channel and if succesful it migrates to BBC2 a free to air channel and then if very popular to BBC1. Examples are Torchwood, Gavin and Stacey,

  6. If ch 9 want to make a big splash here, they could show Ellen fast tracked by just a few hours. At 10.30pm or so, they’d be showing it a few hours behind the US. Then there’d be a point to doing this. Otherwise, agree with Tomothy – no need for it to be on this much.

  7. Congrats Nine, ou had a chance to get me to watch you – I love Weeds.
    Ellen, I can live without and why showa repeat lateatnight when you have a quirky show that viewers want to see.
    That’s right, you don’t know how to promote quirky shows or sci fi or …
    First you stuff up Flashpoint, you lost me after first out of order sneak peak ep – btw how many sneak peaks did Flashpoint have (5 ??)
    Looks like late at night it is Channel 2 or the radio.
    Memo channel Nine stop listening to the same folk that continually praise all your shows and start listening to the hordes that are leaving you in droves.

  8. Hmmmm…………..I really have nothing to say, Weeds dumped in favour of a daytime chat show, that already gets aired at midday?!? I know Ellen has appeal but please show some new eps of Weeds.

    Nine weren’t wrong when they said there were going to chop and change shows like hot potatoes this year – they’re not even making it to air.

    These a dumb decisions, for the sake of making some fans happy Nine still can’t get it right. I’m not a Seven Fanboy but Nine really need to take a leaf out of their book and learn how to utilitse their late night slots appropriately. Its really fustrating.

  9. shows scheduled to air during ratings to be cut tally (regardless of intention), please no one ask me to rephrase this time
    ABC: –
    SBS: –
    7: –
    10: –
    9: the big bang theory, ramsay’s kitchen nightmares USA, CSI:NY, RPA, weeds
    (we won’t include cut repeats)

    @mikey, the reason is, according to 9, the 2nd SD will take until july to get up and running.

  10. FTA networks could (and should!) fill their second SD channel’s with all the shows they’re too gutless to show on the main channel. Why the hell not, they’ve already paid for the shows.

  11. oh ffs. Thats an absolutely pathetic move by channel 9.

    So that’s 9’s third axing now, following Big Bang and RPA – which ironically was also axed from the schedule before it was given a go.

    1. Use of the term “axing” is debatable. Traditionally it applies to a show that has aired and been dumped.

      What we have here are shows that are amendments and clearly have not aired. TV Tonight and similar online sites have wedged in to report scheduling, but it is not a precise art. Historically programmers have ALWAYS planned shows then changed those before a show aired, and in some cases, before print guides went out. They weren’t considered axings then, and they really shouldn’t be just because we now have more up to date ways of bringing you the info. The art of being a programmer includes the skill of responding to a schedule -without it always being accused of axings. I’m not even convinced Big Bang Theory was actually planned to run, so much as to throw off the opposition.

      That said, we know the climate of dumping and amending changes in Australia has accelerated to the point of lunacy. There are no excuses for this growing contempt towards the audience or for guides full of TBAs.

      But a scheduling amendment for a show that has not even aired and the axe are two different things.

  12. Nine. Just show the 3rd season of Weeds will ya? It’s a good show. It’s continues to get nominated for Emmys for best comedy and best actress. So Nine, hint hint, it’s a good show and air it!!!! Thanks

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