Ellen gets a late showing. Gone: Weeds

You want the good news or the bad news? Ellen gets a regular late night slot on Nine. But Weeds is out.

ellendegHere’s an amendment that even TV Tonight missed in the flurry of changes that have been coming through this week.

Do you want the good news or the bad news (well you already read the headline, right?).

As of Monday Nine will be screening The Ellen DeGeneres Show twice daily, once at 12pm and another late at night.

It starts the late nighters at 11:30pm Monday 16th and continues weeknights, usually at the same time (Friday is pushed to 1:30am). Nine has been re-screening Ellen recently on 9HD.

The bad news is it has backtracked on plans to show the third season of Weeds as a result, including on 9HD. Other late night fillers including Just Shoot Me, Seinfeld are also gone.

To be clear, the afternoon edition of Ellen will remain the first edition off the satellite, with a repeat in the evenings. Meanwhile she moves off 9HD, to be replaced by a variety of shows including Notes from the Underbelly (not that underbelly!), specials with the Gardening Gurus, Stingers etc.

No doubt a regular late night slot will impact on The Late Show with David Letterman on TEN.

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  1. If channel nine arnt going to show weeds at decent time or keep changing there mind when they are going to show it. then they should give up the viewing rights to the show to another tv station that will air it. Weeds is the greatest show out there at present its not just about dope dealing it has pleanty of sex and important issues about family delamers and shows how are mother can cope under pressure and come out on top as being a responsible mother to her children despite her illegal activites. Boo to channel nine for being so slack give the series to channel 7. No wonder channel nine has lost its number 1 rankings they dont know a good show even if it slaps them in the face. Weeds is one of the number 1 shows for ratings in the U.S.A. it could be here to.

  2. What the hell is wrong with 9? I don’t know how they stay on air. Does anyone actually watch them anymore? There’s very little interesting things on and I’ve already given up on The Mentalist and Flashpoint due to their incompetence (downloads all the way). The only shows I tape are Cold Case (not the best show so it’s not worth downloading, which is why I tape it) and CSI:Miami (and I’ll be surprised if it’s actually on).

  3. Shock! Horror!
    Channel 9 shows comtempt for fans of cult-hit shows!
    I think it’s time that US productions took a stand and put in their contracts with oz fta networks that they have (for example) 12 months to show a series (or a particular season of it) or it is rights are deemed void and resold to pay tv or another fta network to be shown asap and/or for dvd release asap.
    Surely this behaviour damages the potential of programs, with internet and dvd piracy so prevalent these days…
    Interesting, this site has a poll on Freeview too atm…
    Who cares if the ‘flagship’ stations can’t even be trusted…
    Clealry they just don’t care!!!

  4. Agree with ‘Grinspoon’ and have to ask who are Nine catering to late at night with repeating Ellen ? I would have thought Ellen appeals to mainly women and 11-30 pm hardly seems the right time.
    Weeds and other quirky shows would easily catch a cult following if people knew the show was guaranteed to be on each week for 8 weeks in a row.
    Just who are Nine pinching their schedule at ?
    It certainly is not me not most folk that post on this site.

  5. Mike Beckham is right. Nine does have a supply deal with ABC for its News and real-life programs. If Ten can get Letterman from CBS then perhaps Nine can get a late-night show from ABC. However, I’m sure we all remember the treatment Nine gave to Letterman, especially in the last six months. So who is to say that Nine won’t misuse the rights to Jimmy Kimmel as well. Anyway, its Nine’s fault for losing Letterman and I will stick to Letterman anyway. Didn’t Nine even only show Letterman in 4:3 during the year and a half since Letterman changed to 16:9 High Definition? Did Nine even bother to notice that Letterman changed to HD when it happened in August 2005?

  6. Basically a pox on all their houses! We have waited more than a year for this series let alone series 4 and it is dumped before it is even screened. I refuse to watch Underbelly because of the way it will be treated by 9 so they can screen it at 8.30 and I refuse to watch Flashpoint after the way they treated the ” sneak peek” and teh fact it now holds no character interest. Have to wonder who taught these clowns how to operate a business…

  7. What demographic would the Ellen DeGeneres Show appeal to that be watching tv late at night? Is the demographic range so large that a huge chunk misses out and demanding it be on in a different timeslot?

    If they really wanted to compete to letterman, they should snap up the jay leno show when that starts.. although leno is suck ass robot. They’d be better getting something like Jimmy Kimmel Live!.. but i guess they don’t want people under 50 watching.

    This is why the networks here fail and why the younger demographics all are shifting to illegal means, dvds and cable. You can’t get much beyond shows aimed at housewives and old people on the networks. They concept of having a show on and letting it find a following seems to be non existent any more. It’s always.. people like this, lets repeat it and show it as much as possible.. see gordon ramsy (which i do like KN, but it was overkill), or two and a half men, or how ever many cop crime shows, or lifestyle shows. Isn’t 9s whole stratergy for this year, feel good lifestyle shows? It’s such short term thinking, because it encourages more and more people, the younger segments to turn to other means for video entertainment in their homes, and these are the people the advertisers want to sell to.

    Personally i was loving sienfeld on late at night. Why don’t they put that on earlier and replace one of the many showings of two and a half men they seem to have on a couple times a night.

  8. Re: Weeds: I now feel quite vindicated for acquiring it from Channel BT, in that case.

    When I’ve caught Ellen I’ve found her entertaining, but it’s not something I make an effort to watch. But good for her. It’s not often someone can come out and still become very successful in TV. Actually it’s kind of ironic, because didn’t Nine refuse to air the full series of “Ellen”, including the coming out episode?

  9. just rented the season 2 dvd so i could catch up before season 3, obviously that was a waste of time, i should have known, i mean it is 9 after all. they are still number 1- in lowering viewers expectations to the point they leave.

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