Fringe wedding for Anna Torv

fringewedHot on the heels of Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter got hitched, now there is word that Anna Torv, married her co-star Mark Valley quietly over the holidays.

Valley played her co-worker/lover but he died early on until being brought back and hooked up with lots of electrical claptrap.

He is reportedly leaving the show, so the couple told cast and crew on Friday night.

Torv was recently interviewed on the differences of working in LA v Oz.

“When you’re doing TV in Australia, you’re not working with the studio and the network and the production house,” she said. “And our writer and show runner are in L.A., so everything feels so expanded. But in Australia, it’s a little bit smaller. The shows I worked on would shoot two episodes at the same time, then schedule in, like, an additional day to finish things off.”

Source: LATimes


  1. The final season of the now cancelled Boston Legal show that Seven started on Monday, only has 13 episodes, so Nine should move Fringe to a 10.30 pm Monday or Sunday slot, where it won’t be under pressure to have to rate and the same with Gossip Girl, if Nine can find a 10.30 pm slot for it.

    • It’s a spoiler (in my book anyway) when it’s on air content or storyline related. We know William Petersen is leaving CSI and Fishburne is joining, but I wouldn’t post ‘Spoiler’ before that either.

      How they come and go is a different matter.

      Besides Fringe isn’t even on in Oz.

  2. Anna’s superb on Fringe; Mark Valley was superfluous after episode one. I just think “Buzz Lightyear” every time I see him 🙂

    Congratulations to the unexpected couple, though. 🙂

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