Gallery: Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come Of Age

41A funny thing happened on the way to the mosque?

ABC2 has an upcoming special with looks at five Arab-American comedians working the stand-up circuit in the wake of 9-11.

Each comic is at a different point in their career but they are all striving for the same goal: to break through the typecasting and achieve mainstream comedy success.

Their work environment, however, is far from ideal. From false arrests and death threats to audience walkouts and backstage confrontations, each of the comedians faces challenges from both the mainstream society and the Muslim community.

Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come Of Age airs 8:30pm Wednesday March 11 on ABC2.

And not even on SBS…






  1. I have never heard a “funny” explicitly Muslim comedian.

    Lame humour all the way. Bit hard to be satirical when you can’t even see through your own religion 😉

    George Carlin for the win anyday.

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