Gangs disband at episode 5

nswpGangs of Oz doesn’t have a particularly long run by the looks of things. Onlytwo episodes have aired and only three more are coming.

But before it ends it will look at “Asian Gangs – Chasing the Dragon.”

The show has already been criticised for use of stereotypical language and potentially damaging to some communities.

This episode bookends the series which started off with “Middle Eastern Gangs.”

Next week it looks at ‘The Bikies – Inside The Band Of Brothers” followed by “The Gangland Wars: A Tale of Three Gangs.”

The last episode screens on Wednesday March 11th.


  1. @ Brodie – I second your question – broadcast TV in this country is slowly turning into the UK model, hopelessly short run series, odd start and finish times, some shows only availble to HD users (ie: the wealthy) and hot imports going straight to Pay TV.

  2. this is quite a good watch, and the witness accounts are a good idea for a show. if it had a bigger budget it could be much better though, we can tell that the camera work, acting and settings are done quite cheaply.

    i’m sure that there is enough material for at least one more 5 week season.

  3. for any doco series, 5 episode seasons is just about average. if we look at any others that have been on commercial tv in the past few years.

    air crash investigations: 6 episode seasons
    7 wonders: 7 episode seasons
    David attenbrough’s: 1-5 episodes
    the one about the queen with cate blanchet : 5 episodes

    @kev, thats interesting about “cults of oz” i can understand if you can’t say ur sources but i will be looking out for it.

  4. Kenny, your comments were ‘spot on’ !

    I’m just an ordinary Australian citizen who likes to read reviews and pop in the occasional comment and IMHO ‘Gangs of Oz’ is well worth watching. I only watched half of Ep 1 but all of last weeks and it was very well put together and will make sure I see the remaining 3 episodes.
    I think ‘Cults of Oz’ will also make interesting viewing.

  5. i’ve been aware that it was 5 eps for a while, more new eps are under question as we speak. the way i see it; the ratings it is getting would say that it would be continued it’s just the material that will become an issue.

    also interesting to note that there is a pilot of a “new docu-factual series” to be filmed called “cults of oz” which i would assume is a spin off thing. that title is too much of a coincidence.

    beyond the darklands would have to be a frontrunner for the slot, it’s a perfect leadout from CM, but that is another short season, so i’d say we will see more CM repeats in the slot before the new season’s end.
    other contenders should be fasttracked castle(ABC) or kings (NBC).

  6. Thanks Cpandilo, I guess it will come up again at some point I was trying to get into this but missed the 2nd ep and with just 5 it’s not worth the effort IMO

    I’m so over this whole gangs theme, I haven’t even watched Underbelly this year.

    BTW I hope they bring something new and not a re-run to fill the spot when it’s gone.

  7. @Brodie – suggest the reason for short series is so there is not too much of a commitment if the shows fail, and they can be easily played out for thos who are interested.

  8. I dont think seven will risk CM repeats when they’ve been doing so good on a wednesday nights. I think it more likely to bring in something new. Amazing Race has always been a thursday shwo hasnt it, but then again, most of sevens shows have switched days this year, so its possible. Would it be wishful thinking to pray for the new season of heroes?

  9. What is with all these short running shows? Farmer Wants a Wife 6 eps, Ladette to Lady 5 or 6 eps come to mind.

    I think Gangs of Oz could possibly be replaced by Beyond the Darklands, or maybe just CM repeats.

  10. As Steve said elsewhere – Will people still be complaining so loudly when they show white gangs on this show? I am sick to death of the race card being played when ever it suits certain people. Face the facts middle eastern gangs are a problem in NSW as well as other parts of Australia. Then again so are white gangs, aboriginal gangs, asian gangs, african gangs… Open your eyes people.. perhaps if you could walk the beat or see what a police officer sees everyday of the week you wouldn’t be so naive. There is good and bad in all races and the community needs to join together and offer other alternatives especially to youths joining gangs.

  11. Strange that its such a short run – surely Seven will commission more episodes seeing as it has been winning its slot.

    Hopefully as RichoTB suggests, the Amazing Race comes back. IIRC the new season has just started or is about to start in the US..

  12. Yay!! If only Border Security had such a limited run as well. I wonder what Seven will replace GOO with. Best bets are The Amazing Race or Criminal Minds repeats, although Knight Rider is also a (dim) possibility.

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