Gangs of Oz apologises

Seven apologises 'unreservedly' for incorrectly associating two men with a story on the murder of Donald Mackay.

griffith1Seven aired an apology last night to two men during the screening of Gangs of Oz.

A strongly worded-apology was issued to two men, Domenico and Francesco Sergi, following the issuing of incorrect photographs linked to a story last week on the murder of anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay.

In apologising to the two men Seven acknowledged the two men were teenagers during the era of the Mackay murder, which rocked the town of Griffith.

Seven said it apologised “unreservedly” for the mistake.

The apology ran at 10.32pm, directly before the final segment.

There are two more episodes remaining in the new series narrated by Colin Friels, one on Lennie McPherson & George Freeman and another entitled ‘Asian Gangs.’

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  1. I thought it was nice of them to apologise, and the fact that it felt like it went on forever, which made it look like they actually did care. and i agree, that ‘beyond the darklands’ show looks like the replacement in a couple of weeks time.

  2. Last nights Bikie gangs ep. was pretty poor quality tv, little more than a hodge podge of facts and figures and sensationalism thrown together.

    No cohesion, no flow, it felt disjointed. So why? Was it they were too scared to show or say anything else, was it they couldn’t find anything else out, given the subject matter no suprise if that was the case, or just crap production and research.

    I think it was little of each. For such an interesting subject they could have made a bit more effort and done a bit better, but wait, that’s right all they are trying to do is ride on the coat tails of that other “Gangs Show”.

  3. sorry to be off track but last night there was a strong indication that the replacement for gangs of oz would be beyond the darklands. when the show finished they had a “next week on” and then a “and coming soon” sneak peek for BTD. looked quite good.

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