Gone: Not Going Out, Gavin & Stacey

Seven's UK shows Not Going Out and Gavin & Stacey and not going out on air anymore.

gavin_and-staceySeven has made a switch to its Saturday night line-up after just one week of ratings.

UK shows Not Going Out and Gavin & Stacey, which aired in Sydney and Brisbane, will not return this week. Plans for them to screen in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are now shelved.

Instead it’s bringing in movie repeats with Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit from 8:40pm and Stuck On You at 10:50pm. Movies will continue the week after too.

Seven also removes Fawlty Towers and moves Vicar of Dibley back to 8pm (if you’re really hankering for more of Basil Fawlty it’s back in at 4:00pm Sunday March 1). What a Carry On, slated for 10:40pm, is also out.

It’s a shame Gavin & Stacey didn’t get a better shot, but only 86,000 sampled the show in Sydney, trailing RocKwiz on 100,000. Not Going Out took 120,000 in Sydney.

Seven finished Saturday night in third place behind the ABC.

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  1. this is ridiculous. they showed it on channel seven for one night then pulled it. honestly who decides these things. they might think theyre doing the right thing by the channel, cutting losses and trying to boost ratings, but in the long run, theyre ruining television. time to go on a dvd hunt, id rather spend money on dvds of tv series than watch stupid tv prgogramming with great shows that are constantly moving timeslots.. im off tv now. you guys suck.

  2. I do wish Channel 7 would read all of the above comments. I was looking forward to something different on Channel 7, but another one bites the dust. If any of you have watch the great movie The Shawshank Redemption, you will remember it did terrible on the big screen due to low marketing but became a massive success over a short period of time there after. That was word of mouth. A program like Gavin & Stacey would soon gain recognition for it’s performance and humour. I consider channel 7 unprofessional on all counts. How can a channel headline Sister Act as Saturday primetime and not even know when it will actually finish. It’s not difficult to estimate the timeframe of a program but by throwing so many advert in between makes for uncomfortable viewing and loss of interest This film finished way to late..
    Why not put adverts on in 15minute shots throughout the day including films. Is it money your after? well… no audience, no money.
    You letting the ad campaigns dictate the slots in which to present themselves is showing you have no control. I understand that that they have great revenue but us as an audience will not allow their subliminal messages to interact due to frustration.

  3. Gavin & Stacey, what a really good, funny show. It’s on the second series in the UK and doing really well. Thought it would go down well here in Oz – considering some of the crap that’s shown! Was actually looking forward to having a show that I could regularly watch on a Saturday night instead of being in bed for 8.30 cause there’s naff all on the box!
    What a disappointment….

  4. Well done Channel 7. i thought you could surprise me no more.
    Getting rid of 2 great programs after just 1 showing just shows what morons you really are.
    Money and ratings obsessed. it will do much better on abc or foxtel.

    Bring on the TV over internet revolution and lets watch channel 7 go down the pan where they belong.

  5. I’d heard great things about Gavin & Stacey so was chuffed to stumble across it (because Seven are too lazy to advertise one of the UK’s most popular shows). How ridiculous to take it off after one episode, especially when it was Valentine’s Day and most people were probably out. For a brief moment my faith was restored in Australian TV, now it’s gone again.

  6. aaargh! so i missed vicar of dibley, instead the revolting sister acttwo is on, and no gavin and stacey, funniest thing i’ve seen on tv in ages?

    What is wrong with these people!

    stop messing with the tv guide! stop pulling good shows when it’s your fault they didn’t rate! put something funny on for cryin out loud!

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