Great Aussie Catchphrases: Results

kkim1We all need to have a little bit of fun again, which is exactly what this site’s Great Aussie Catchphrase survey was all about when you were asked to make your vote.

It seems sketch comedy has helped develop our most favourite catchphrases with Kath & Kim‘s excrutiating murder of our lingo topping the lists, while The Comedy Company and Kingswood Country (another off-shoot from sketch comedy) rated highly.

Here are the results along with some memorable one-liners that readers also remembered.

1960s / 1970s
WINNER:  If you don’t tune in next week, I’ll jump through your TV and rip your bloody arms off! – Aunty Jack (Graeme Bond), The Aunty Jack Show.

Pickle me grandmother -Ted Bullpitt (Ross Higgins), Kingswood Country.
You tell ’em luv – Ethel (Dawn Lake), The Mobil Limb Show
Evenin’ viewers – Paul Hogan, Paul Hogan Show
Keepa dancing Maria – Luigi (Paul Hogan), Paul Hogan Show.
Benda the bloody spoon – Luigi (Paul Hogan), Paul Hogan Show
Other suggestions: It’s a Joke Joyce (Graham Kennedy) IMT;Why wasn’t I told? -Dorrie Evans (Pat McDonald) Number 96; Leave the money on the fridge – Ted Bullpit (Ross Higgins), Kingswood Country; That’s not a car, it’s a Kingswood – Ted Bullpit (Ross Higgins), Kingswood Country.

WINNER: I said pet, I said love, I said pet -Lyn Postlethwaite (Magda Szubanski), Fast Forward

Bewwdiful! –Con the Fruiterer (Mark Mitchell), Comedy Company.
Viktor, you are very unattractive man- Sveta (Jane Turner), Fast Forward.
She goes, she goes, she goes, she just goes – Kylie Mole (Mary-Anne Fahey), Comedy Company.
Pig’s arse! – ‘John Elliott’ puppet, Rubbery Figures.
I say, Arthur – Ruth Cracknell (Maggie Beare), Mother & Son.
Hello, good thanks – Effie (Mary Coustas) Acropolis Now.
My wordy yes indeedy do di do -Chenille (Magda Szubanski), Fast Forward.
Hello gentlemans how are you today? –Con the Fruiterer (Mark Mitchell), Comedy Company.
Good luck to your family –Con the Fruiterer (Mark Mitchell), Comedy Company.
Other suggestions: So Excellent – Kylie Mole (Mary-Anne Fahey), Comedy Company; How embarrasment! – Kylie Mole (Mary-Anne Fahey), Comedy Company; Now thats what I call a real bastard – Kim Gyngell, Comedy Company; Coupla days –Con the Fruiterer (Mark Mitchell), Comedy Company.

1990s / 2000:
WINNER: Look at moiye, look at moiye – Kath Day-Knight (Jane Turner), Kath & Kim.

Nice. Diff’rent. Unusual – Kath & Kim (Jane Turner, Gina Riley) Kath & Kim
Puck you Miss – Jonah Takalua (Chris Lilley) Summer Heights High
This is champagne comedy! – Rob Sitch, The Late Show.
Mmmmmm – Mike Moore (Rob Sitch), Frontline.
Yo chicky babe -Wayne Lovett (Bruno Lucia) All Together Now
Other suggestions: Variety with a V – HG Nelson (Greg Pickhaver) Club Buggery; Nothin’ Suss! – (Tom Gleeson & Scott Brennan), skitHOUSE; Aw yeah, pretty good – The Womp, Double the Fist

WINNER: Come on down –John Deeks / Shawn Cosgrove, The Price is Right.

Saaaaaale of the Century –Pete Smith, Sale of the Century.
Lock it in, Eddie – contestants, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Did dick? Dick did – Graham Kennedy & Ugly Dave Gray, Blankety Blanks.
Cyril said “ohhhh” –Graham Kennedy, Blankety Blanks.
It’s on The List -Andrew O’Keefe, The Rich List.
The money or the box? –Bob Dyer, Pick a Box.
Say goodnight, Victoria – Tony Barber, Sale of the Century
Tell them Bob sent you –Bob Dyer, Pick a Box.
Other suggestions: No Deal! Contestants, Deal or No Deal; No Bingo – Tanveer Ahmed, National Bingo Night; You are the weakest link, Goodbye – Cornelia Frances, The Weakest Link;

WINNER: It’s time to go – Gretel Killeen, Big Brother.

Say hi to your mum for me –Rove McManus, Rove.
Do yourself a favour – Molly Meldrum, Countdown
Why are people so unkind? – Kamahl, Hey Hey it’s Saturday
Touchdown! –Mark Holden, Australian Idol.
What a week it’s been in football –Eddie McGuire, The Footy Show.
Right on Daryl & Ossie – Marcia Hines, Hey Hey it’s Saturday
This is your life -Mike Munro, Roger Climpson etc, This is Your Life
I love your faces –Don Lane, The Don Lane Show.

News / Current Affairs
Shame, shame, shame –Derryn Hinch, Hinch. 139 38.19%
And that’s the way it is – Brian Henderson, National Nine News 105 28.85%
That’s life – Derryn Hinch, Hinch. 58 15.93%
May your news be good news and goodnight – Brian Naylor, National Nine News. 49 13.46%
God bless you and you –Eric Pearce, National Nine News. 6 1.65%
Other suggestions: Peter Harvey, Canberra – Peter Harvey, Nine News; And that’s what’s news in Melbourne -Peter Hitchener, Nine News; And that’s the news to this minute. From me, goodnight. Richard Morecroft, ABC News.

WINNER: Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1? –B2, Bananas in Pyjamas.

Hurry up – Blackboard, Mr Squiggle.
What’s up Skip? – Garry Pankhurst, Skippy.
And remember, the world really is wonderful! –Simon Townsend, Wonder World.
Weeeeeed – Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men
Other suggestions: What’s the time on the Playschool Clock? – Playschool; It’s upside down Miss Jane! – Mr Squiggle; Wake up Jeff – The Wiggles;

WINNER: Kath & Kim.

The Comedy Company
Kingswood Country
The Late Show
Summer heights High

WINNER: Look at moiye, look at moiye – Kath Day Knight (Jane Turner) Kath & Kim

Nice, Diff’rent. Unusual – Kath & Kim (Jane Turner, Gina Riley) Kath & Kim
I said pet, I said love, I said pet – Lyn Posthelwaite (Magda Szubanski) Fast Forward
Pickle me Grandmother -Ted Bullpitt (Ross Higgins), Kingswood Country.

The Price is Right‘s John Deeks, who made famous “Come on down!” in Australia (also hollered by Shawn Cosgrove) thanked TV Tonight readers for voting the line the top Game Show Catchphrase.

“I recall a memorable moment at Festival Hall on a hot February in 1982,” he said. “I called out the name of lady ‘Mary Vopilis Come On Down!’ Now Mary was a fullsome lady with a voluminous bosom who at the time was wearing a ‘Boob Tube’ -rather popular at the time.

“However no amount of stretch material was going to hold dear Mary together and as she made her excited journey down the steps to the waiting arms of Ian Turpie and as the descent continued south, so did the ‘Boob Tube.’ But the time she had reached our host Mary’s 44 double D mammary’s were exposed to the world -a terrified Turps!

“Bless her she did not bat an eyelid, just hiked up the long suffering material and when on to win the ‘Mountain Climber’ game and a charming Cobb and Co clock!” he said.

“Thatnks for remembering ‘Come on Down!”


  1. I honestly must’ve been hiding under a rock or something when this survey was announced – goes to show I haven’t been on TV Tonight nearly as enough as I should! A great list, though.

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