iView adds ‘Faves’

More kids shows are added to ABC's free streaming video platform.

noahsaskiaABC’s iView portal has added an extra channel: Faves which will feature series for school-aged kids.

Faves will showcase a mix of drama, comedy and sci-fi series including Noah & Saskia (pictured), Worst Best Friends, Crash Zone, Spellbinder and The Girl From Tomorrow. Not all of the shows are ABC original programmes.

It is the second ABC iView kids’ channel, alongside Kazam!, which features action, adventure and animation series.

ABC TV’s Head of Multiplatform, Dan Fill, said,“Faves compliments a number of exciting online features in ABC Kids, including a multi-user avatar, a 3D game, and a great community for children to share their artwork, learn and participate in forums. “

Other channels on iView include CatchUp, News, Docs, Arts, and ABC Shop.

To check out Faves visit abc.net.au/iView

5 Responses

  1. I saw that yesterday, i love spellbinder and the girl from tomorrow.

    They have also changed the UI since last time i was there, its a lot better than it used to be, still needs some usability enhancements, like RSS feed, group shows episodes together with a direct to show link (in addition to the existing direct to episode link via the email button).

    I am glad they got rid of the old rotating menu menu thing functionality should always trump fancyness.

  2. This is just more repeats of Australia series, which have all been shown x amount of times before. The ABC needs to focus on buying good new kids programming for their TV channels, and stop wasting money on older content and iView!

    The ABC currently only offers Serious Andes (reality TV series), and Parallax (fifth or six repeat!) in the regular RollerCoaster timelot (5PM-6PM) on the ABC1, it is no wonder kids are been driven off their channels.

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