Meet Tammin Sur-o-sok, the Canadian.

spectacular-cast1The Young and the Restless’ Tammin Sursok sure has come a long waysince Summer Bay.

But darned if American hosts can quite get their teeth around the pronounciation of her surname. Appearing on the US Today show to promote her new musical telemovie, Spectacular, she was almost introduced as Tammin “Sur-o-sok” with a rescue at the last minute.

The same host went on to describe her as ‘Canadian,’ again correcting herself thereafter.

And as a lead in the High School Musical-style film for Nickelodeon, she was also described as having had a hit album in Australia.

Her co-star for Spectacular is Nolan Gerard Funk, who has enjoyed guest roles in Supernatural and The L Word.

He’s the dude wearing the really high jeans in the clip.

will have its Australian premiere on the Nickelodeon Channel on Saturday May 16 at 6.30pm.


  1. I don’t see why Tammin losing her Aussie accent is such a bad thing, or makes her ashamed of being Australian. She has said in previous interviews that she has to work all day every day on Y&R with an American accent, so inevitably she will start to pick it up in her personal life too. She’s a soap actress, so unlike movie actresses and actors she works on a daily basis using the same accent, not for short periods using different accents. Losing an accent and developing a new one is normal over time. I moved from my hometown about five years ago, but stayed in the same country and even my accent has changed. And to par3182 – very few of the actors who play teens in Hollywood are teenagers themselves. Nolan Gerard Funk is 22, Ashley Tisdale is 23, Zac Efron is 21, Vanessa Hudgens is 20, etc.

  2. Good on her, glad to see she is doing well. She has not only been on the Y&R but also on rules of engagement, a small part in Harrison Fords film Crossing Over, neighbors are friends and albino farm due for 09 release, she also got a daytime emmy nomination. Her first single went platinum so I guess that is a success according to ARIA.

    I don’t know sounds successful to me??? Some Australian actors just catch a break from the Oz public, do we like any of them? So critical sad…

  3. She sounds so proud to be an Australian…not!! Kylie has not lived in Oz for 20 years and stlll has a hint of the Aussie accent. As does Nicole, Naomi and Simon Baker….the list goes on…very disappointing she has been out of the country 5 minutes and has an American accent….oh well no great loss…I think she was born in South Africa so good luck to her, we don’t want her back anyway…

  4. Loved “she was also described as having had a hit album in Australia”. It’s always amusing what ends up in press bios aimed exclusively at an overseas market… 🙂

    Not sure if a Nickelodeon tweenie disposa-movie is really a career step up, though…

    But at least can say that after a almost-unnoticed generic pop attempt, she’s finally got the Funk.

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