Motorway Patrol producers coming to Oz

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Motorway Patrol’s (pictured) producers are coming to Australia for a new show, Highway Patrol.

Greenstone Pictures’ new series will focus on Victorian roads, filming traffic management units, regional traffic taskforce units and the road safety taskforce.

The producers have been eager to check out Greater Dandenong Traffic Management Unit’s crackdowns on local drivers in outer Eastern Melbourne, or more specifically, “hoons.”

Acting Sen-Sgt Robert Brew from the local force said,“It seems the crew was pretty keen to get out to our unit to see us in action with some of the draggers here.”

Last month a joint taskforce between Greater Dandenong and Monash TMUs, nabbed 74 dangerous drivers over an eight-hour shift.

Drivers were caught for drink driving, driving dangerously, excessive speed, loss of traction and driving without a licence. 55 cars were found to be unroadworthy and 7 cars were seized.

“Having seven vehicles seized, it’s quite a substantial amount for one small area over an eight-hour shift,” Acting Sen-Sgt Brew said.

Greenstone Pictures managing director John Harris said Victoria Police had been “hugely supportive” of the show and its road safety message.

Wonder if he saw that other article about NSW Police making a small fortune from television producers?

Source: Leader


  1. As long as they don’t put that guy from ACA as the voice over. He is terrible, same as SCU, the guy sounds like he is in pain when he speaks.

    2009 the year of NZ copy shows?

  2. The Greenstone Pictures people do Motorway Patrol with a good dose of humour and a lot less of the moral-panic-meets-oh-what-a-hero tone of the Australian shows. Hopefully they’ll bring some of that here and show the incumbents a thing or two about balance between lighthearted and serious.

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