Pet project for fire victims

wallabyThe production team of RSPCA Animal Rescue have worked extra fast to come up with tonight’s episode which will show the impact of the Victorian bushfire on pets, farming animals and native wildlife.

In what is sure to be a tough love episode the episode will dedicate a segment to exploring the bushfire aftermath and rescue of animals.

Says host Anthony Field, “The Victorian bushfires have had a horrific impact on people, animals and the environment. The RSPCA is again supporting the community with assistance in animal welfare – reuniting pets with owners, helping injured wildlife and opening its doors to those in need.

“The RSPCA are passionate carers and are always there for animals in need. At this devastating time, as always, they are there to lend their support and expertise in animal care.”

The show’s Victorian inspector Allie Jalbert will be part of the RSPCA team who will care for and shelter injured pets and wildlife as part of the rescue effort.

It airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.


  1. I’m pretty outraged actually. They showed the property where our horses died. It has been upsetting enough to have to find our horses dead and then bury them but to then see it on TV. No permission has been sought and those ponies that were on the property don’t belong there. These little ones have just wandered in from other propertys. All the horses that were on that property died.

  2. No all they had was Anthony saying that next week they would be having the special show. 7 clearly falsley advertised the show. Are they that worried about their ratings that they needed to do that. They were advertising all day that the show was the special on the bush fire animals.

  3. Why were they still advertising it as the bushfire special 5 minutes before RSPCA Animal Rescue began when they must have known they weren’t going to be showing it until next week.

  4. The bushfire episode will be shown next week. Anthony Field did a brief introduction at the start of tonight’s program. The rest of the program was pre-packaged.

  5. considering the “cat up a tree” stories that they usually have there must be so much good material. they could probably do a 1 hour special out of it.

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