Returning: Escape from Scorpion Island

scorpHere we go again.

ABC is about to unleash another season of its kid’s adventure series, Escape from Scorpion Island (and if you hadn’t noticed, it’s a show with quite the following from the youngest readers of this site -most of whom are desperate to audition).

Three teams of adventurers aged between eleven and thirteen are again stranded on an exotic tropical island / They will be put through junior Survivor-like challenges, swinging out over gorges, driving rough-terrain buggies while blindfolded, racing way up in the rigging of an abandoned pirate ship – and much, much, more besides.

Team Sting, Team Claw, and Team Venom will put themselves through anything to try to win.

But there are only 4 Aussies on the teams, with 12 kids from the UK.

The show is back Monday March 9 at 5pm.


  1. I don’t know if Jeremy is on totally wild but I don’t think Tyson’s on abc 3 coz i know him and he’s not one to keep something like that quiet. Besides, you have to be over 18 i think, and have your HSC to apply to be a presenter but Tyson is a nice guy. Very funny.

  2. hi guys. i’m from australia and i was wondering if a new series of scorpion island would come out maybe this year or the next? 🙂
    i Really want to audition.

  3. Jaiyde Sykes

    Hey all, some goss on the kids.

    tyson is now on abc 3

    Jeremy Hartley is on totally wild ch 10

    sammy rulzzzzz

    i miss the show 🙁

  4. Omg!!! Is that you Sammy??
    Please reply!!
    you used to be my fav player in season 2.
    Does anyone know Tahny’s email???
    Go Venom!!!!

  5. I think that Scorpion Island is great.
    Although i was angry about Millie being swapped from Claw to Venom and that she was my fave player, the fact that she left will leave claw to only a couple very strong players. I hope some other player will go on to team claw so they have 6 players again.
    Go Claw!

  6. SALLIE Lavelle

    Hey I love the show, the aussies are

    Jeremy Hartley
    Tahny Hosking

    go venom, its good for kids to watch

  7. Thanks David, we have more than one id as ,yes you guessed it we all share a computer here.
    Sometimes journos forget that they report on stars and actually arent the star.

    good report though,

    • No, there isn’t.

      It’s a preliminary vote of all eligible shows to create a shortlist of nominees. TV Week has not announced nominees for 2009, but hopefully if you vote for them they might get one. Good luck.

      ps. please use one ID for this site.

  8. Kids seem to enjoy it and it did promote outdoor activity , far better than sitting inside with sms,gameboy,wii etc..

  9. ‘But there are only 4 Aussies on the teams, with 12 kids from the UK.’

    That makes me sick!!! More Aussies please!!

  10. Scorpion Island is great, well done for a logie nomination and to those kids in series 3 , you will be very known !!
    Scorpion has become a huge success..

  11. Who is running the kids programming at the ABC? all kids seem to get lately is reality TV rubbish, and more repeats in the afternoon weekday timeslots.

    Serious Amazon repeats, Serious Andes and then Escape from Scorpion Island (Season 2), what happened to good quality kids series?