Returning: Getaway. Gone: Celebrity Singing Bee

jdundasNine has decided it’s time for a holiday.

But a holiday on a budget. Getaway is returning next Thursday at 7:30pm with the first of two episodes that focus on economically-priced holidays. No doubt as a result of the global financial crisis.

This means Celebrity Singing Bee is now out.

Last week Tim Campbell told TV Tonight six specials would air in the 7:30pm Thursday slot.

“But you know, talk to me next week and who knows?” he laughed.

Little did anybody realise the show would have to make way for the Australia Unites special, with Campbell’s blessing.

Last night in the phone room Eddie McGuire also asked when the show would be back.

“We very gladly went off tonight, I think this is much more important,” he said, “but we’re back on next Thursday night at 7:30, thanks for the plug, but this is much more important tonight.”

No doubt Nine will find another timeslot to be advised.


  1. Please stop advertising Celebrity Singing Bee ‘coming soon’, its been ‘soon’! Like a few months! So, channel 9, it would be better 2 show it now, or not at all. Thanx.

  2. David there have been some promo ads on Channel 9, for Celebrity Singing Bee returning soon, have you heard any dates and where it will be slotted in yet. I’m looking forward to its return.

  3. enjoy singing bee….why do they always take off shows without warning………..obviously wasn’t on because of the bushfires…but was advetised to be on tonight. channel 9 are hopeless

  4. Maybe they should try this at Saturday 7:30pm following Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. AFHV provides a good lead-in to Singing Bee as they both have the same kind of viewers, generally old people!

  5. Nine constantly changing its schedule isn’t going to make any headway with viewers. I don’t see why they had to remove it… but having said that I agree with the few who said that it would be better in the Thursday 8:30 slot, since it did okay in that slot last year.

  6. I absolutely agree with you Susie, I was just about to suggest the same thing – Celebrity Singing Bee belongs in an 8.30 timeslot, even though it is only rated PG. Nine should put Celebrity Singing Bee back in last years timeslot of Thursday 8.30 after Getaway. It did well in that timeslot last year, and I think it only lost once to Bones, even though it was only on for 4 weeks. If Celebrity Singing Bee can do well against Bones, I can’t see why I can’t do well against Greys.

    Zambora, that’s purely your point of view Singing Bee didn’t work, and only went downhill faster when Tim took over the reigns, however Nine obviously thought it was worthwhile to have renewed it last year and again this year. As I have mentioned above, it also beat its biggest competitior Bones, which is good enough! Zambora when Deal or No Deal do their celebrity episodes once every blue moon that doesn’t mean the kiss of death now does it?! – Evidently not.

    However, Nine are absolutely stupid bumping it without even giving it much of a chance, with that said, Thursday 7.30 has always been Getaway’s home.

    I would make Thursdays on Nine:
    7.30 Getaway
    8.30 Celebrity Singing Bee
    9.30 Adults only 20 to 01

  7. 24 & Out of the Blue shouldn’t be on the tally because they are still on in similar timeslots. The tally should only comprise of shows which have aired at least once during the ratings season and have then gone away from the schedule (reruns not included), so the tally should be:
    Seven (0): n/a
    Nine (4): Big Bang Theory, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Bargain Hunt, Celebrity Singing Bee
    Ten (0): n/a

    Craig, only 1 ep of Celeb Singing Bee aired on Nine before it was replaced by Getaway.

  8. Pass The Remote

    I heard due to Aus Unites there was production issues with this.
    Zambora…sorry but the Tim Campbell version is so much better the Joey Fat One version in both quality delivery.

  9. Women’s Murder Club was taken off 3 episodes short of its cancellation because there were no more episodes available to Ten at the time because of the writer’s strike. They are now playing out those final 3 episodes…one last week after Law & Order, one last night (which was bumped to a later timeslot due to the Letterman Flight Crew interview) and the last one next week.

    Regarding the program changes tally…I think you should only include shows that have been taken off in official ratings primetime (6pm-10.30pm) after a network has officially announced it as being in their schedule.
    Nine (4) BBT for Customs, Ramsay for RPA, RPA for CSI Miami, CSB for Getaway
    Seven (1) 24 for Bones rpt
    Ten (1) Out of the Blue for Simpsons rpt

  10. ^^ Joey Fatone wasn’t what I’d call ‘an established host’ to Australian Audiences

    Hopefully they’ll bring it back, and give it a decent chance… a lot of people I spoke to didn’t even realise the show was returning as they’d seen no advertising or promotion.

  11. Apart from the biased parochial Nine only followers, is anone surprised at this ?
    “when you make shows as “Celebirty specials or totally celebrity it normally means kiss of death or jump the shark moment.
    Singing bee did not work with established host Joey Fatone and when Tim Campbell took over it went downhill even faster.

  12. lol. ur correct that programming tally’s need a whole blog of their own.

    it would be silly to keep going all year i mean its only day 6 of ratings and there has already been 7 newsworthy “gone”s

    anyway as we’ve shown it’s too complicated. and it would be o so arduous having to do an essay disclaimer every time and special consideration asterix on every 2nd item. oh well it was worth a try i will keep track on outside means.

  13. What’s their problem now? It rated fairly well! They didn’t even give it a chance as per usual! What were they comparing ratings to last nights Channel 9 promo special (Australia unites) to it?

  14. David did ch9 ever plan to show Primeval S2?

    So how many eps of the singing bee actually aired before to was put on hiatus?

    BTW I watched the remaining Women’s Murder Club last year when ch10 pulled it the first time.

  15. They should put it back to 8.30pm like it was last year after Getaway!! I hope Nine don’t stuff Tim Campbell around, he’s too good a talent for that.
    Why can’t they just programme something and keep it there!!!

  16. LOL I don’t think channel 9 get it, it’s not the shows people don’t like….. it’s channel 9.
    They’ll catch on eventually after they’ve axed everything they air.
    You heard it here first 😛

  17. I like tommy’s “shows pulled during ratings season” tally, it kicks ass haha. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks in April, no doubt Nine will have by far the most changes.

  18. yes i realise the difference between gone, axed, cut, bumped, on hiatus ect. so yes it’s very debatable what makes the tally.

    i’d say the definition should be “scheduled to air during ratings period but taken off regardless of intention or reasoning without a confirmed returning date.”

    if there is a confirmed return date/time IMO should be defined as bumped.
    the next issue will be whether or not they should be taken off the list when they return?

    i was unaware of women’s murder club so on 2nd thoughts maybe it should make the tally. but that brings up other issues: if it was scheduled well further in advance than usual should the decision be seen in the same light? and if a show is scheduled to end midseason in the original schedule (not a last minute thing) does that count as well?

    but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

    • Plus late night, plus HD, plus daytime, reruns, plus shows announced but amended before print guides, plus shows I haven’t logged here (yes it happens, some are not newsworthy to me). Also, as an ongoing comment it risks getting very long as time goes on. How long will it be by April lol. Methinks Tommy needs a blog.

  19. the most obvious place for this would be wednesday 7:30. there are only 5 episodes left of FWAW. also the highly expected major drop for wipeout from already low numbers could leave an opening on tuesdays.

    but, this does count as “gone” without a confirmed airdate so we have to pull it out again:

    shows scheduled to air during ratings to be cut tally:
    ABC: (0)
    SBS: (0)
    7: (0)
    9: (7) the big bang theory, ramsay’s kitchen nightmares USA, CSI:NY, RPA, weeds, bargain hunt, celebrity singing bee
    10: (0)

    good effort from 10 there, u’d think they’d have atleast one strike by now.

    • Gone isn’t Axed. It’s Gone.

      TEN planned a lot more Women’s Murder Club from S1 but changed their minds. Not sure if Orange Roughies is played out in entirety. The problem with keeping a tally is it needs to be comprehensive. This one is only part information.

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