Returning: RPA. Gone: Kitchen Nightmares.

grknJust one day after his season return, Nine has dumped Gordon Ramsay.

From next week Kitchen Nightmares is replaced by the return of RPA.

Last night the show attracted just 515,000 viewers. In Brisbane where the show didn’t air CSI: New York took 144,000 viewers – a timeslot total of 649,000.

It was thumped by the premiere of Life on Mars with 1.14m and Grey’s Anatomy on 1.08m.

Both Ramsay and CSI: NY have been removed by Nine effective immediately.

Just 12 months ago Gordon Ramsay was a hero of Nine’s, but played as many as three times a week has undermined his long term appeal to Aussie viewers. It has also been a show that put Nine in hot water with ACMA.

Earlier this week Nine Programmer Michael Healy was reported as saying Nine’s schedule was not packed with risky shows which would fall by the wayside quickly.

In the lead up to the start of ratings, Nine has lost four nights to Network TEN this week.


  1. I, like a lot of other people enjoyed watching Ramsay’s rants, but unfortunately stepping on the toes of a princess will get you axed no matter how popular you maybe, even after a public apology, how chidish can 9 be.

  2. Bring Ramsay back, we love him. what a loss. I have been looking forward to watching him and now he is gone…….unhappy as are many of my friends. we loved that show or at least put it on later in the evening so your loyal fans can watch it.

  3. M said: “What do they expect, putting it against Life On Mars and Grays Anatomy? One has been over-advertised to the max and the other is a cult favorite. Ramsay‚Äôs wasnt even in the TV book for god sake! Nine are idiots. This is getting ridiculous.”

    Took the words out of my mouth! They should get Ramsay into Nine’s scheduling department to kick the programmers @$$#$! Foolish people. Do they want any viewers to stay with them at all?

  4. I’m starting to think if they ever get their second HD channels up and running and use them for the “axed” shows – then that’s where you’ll find me.

    How on Earth you can even assess ratings fairly when printed tv guides weren’t showing the correct programming? It’s is beyond me.

    I read something recently – I think it was in a Melb paper and the Ch 9 programming guy said something like “we will continue to move/change our shows that don’t perform, even though we realise some of our viewers don’t like it” – that was the gist anyway. Well, they are losing more and more viewers who aren’t even bothering to start watching a show because they expect it to be canned or moved to the graveyard shift. They don’t give shows an opportunity to build an audience anymore. if it’s not a ratings winner in a heartbeat – Whoosh! It’s gone. Makes for enjoying, relaxing viewing – Not!!

  5. That episode of Kitchen Nightmares was enjoyable for the transformation of the chef and the restaurant, but we also saw how he helped out the whole family too. It’s a damn shame that this show has been given the arse. I don’t want to see people getting cut up, I want to see Ramsay carving people up. Nine has lost this viewer.

  6. So they remove CSI:NY because of one showing in Brisbane? How does that make any sense?

    And wtf are they doing with Flashpoint? They’re skipping episodes again. I guess 3 episodes in their correct order was too much for them.

  7. Pass The Remote

    Yes Ramsey has had his day….would have probably done a tad better if Private Prac was on and it did go up against the launch of Life on Mars but 650k in a prime timeslot was never going to be enough. I think Big Bang will be back soon. I really like Life on Mars better than the UK version but will it last is the US? Lie To Me will be interesting this week, numbers will depend on the state of play in the cricket. Looking forward to seeing the numbers posted on Monday…Let the games begin. All networks need to look up the word “Sustainable”

  8. I agree with M. Of course it wasn’t going to rate well against Grey’s (which has been on a downward slide for some time now, IMHO) and a brand new show Life On Mars. The axing was very premature as personally I watched Life On Mars and was somewhat disappointed, so I won’t be watching it again. I wonder what the ratings will be next week.

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