_dsc5549Ash-Leigh and Stephen became the latest to be cut from So You Think You Can Dance Australia‘s Top 20.

25 year old Ash-Leigh Hunter shimmied her way through her solo dance but it wasn’t enough to save her from being sent back to Perth. The Ballroom / Latin dancer already has 7 years of Burn The Floor under her belt.

20 year old Stephen Tannos from Sydney performed a tribute to his father to the tune of Queen’s Bicycle Race but he too was cut. Stephen is a teacher at Sydney Dance Company.

The group is now down to 16 dancers.



  1. Sorry, VMan, but I don’t see any importance in your complaint either. Why don’t you just skip those articles you’re not interested in like everybody else without complaining whether they’re important to you or not.

  2. The things with those other articles is they have some importance in them, like Nick and the gay issue, Saxon and the change to voting in BB, and well final 4 for Idol and Dance is important.

    I don’t see any importance in this article.

  3. This was really dreadful and the current concept ruined it for me. Why do they have to cut both dancers that performed as a couple? What is with keeping somebody like Emmanuel and Damien who were worse than Stephen. That was a big loss. I’m sorry judges but that was a big mistake. I’ll have to regroup now and try to find anothe rfavourite dance, but it will have to wait until those 2 are cut from the show, before I start watching it seriously again.

  4. Stephen shouldnt have gone. His style is a one – off, no-one can do what he does and I loved watching his past solos… I thought he was Top 4 material, if not winner.

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