Thursday scheduling update

Thursday's changes indicate Ghost Whisperer is out of the Seven schedule.

jennifer-love-hewittSeven has adjusted its schedule tonight to maintain coverage of the bushfires.


Thurs Feb 12
4:30pm Seven News extended bushfire coverage
5:30pm Deal or No Deal
6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Today Tonight
7:30pm Home & Away dbl ep
8:30pm Grey’s Anatomy
9:30pm Private Practice
10:30pm Scrubs
11:00pm Beauty & the Geek
12:00am Room for Improvement

Ghost Whisperer‘s episode is out for tonight and will now screen next Thursday.

This post updates.

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  1. Yep, I empathise with Grey’s fans (I’m not one); I worded IceTV up on the schedule changes yesterday, which they put in place pretty fast – and then Seven goes and changes it again, completely ignoring their viewers in favour of “winning” over Nine in the battle for the best news-porn on the bushfires.

    The networks should be careful. Several conversations I’ve had and overheard in the past day have all been expressing a wish for all of this horror to stop on TV. They have felt the sorrow, the terror, the sadness, the sympathy, and they would very much now like to get on with their lives without constant reminders of terrible agonising death and loss on a medium they are turning to for some light relief.

    I really think both Seven and Nine have read this wrong, and kept the “defcon one” coverage going too long.

    Ten, on the other hand, bravely led last night’s late news with a shark attack story. I almost did a double-take.

  2. I downloaded a new FTA TV guide this morning before I left for work for my PVR after reading about 7’s changes to it’s programming here on your website.

    Grey’s and Private practice being pushed forward 30 mins- I loaded the new guide into the pvr and smiled to myself when I saw the new start times of 9pm and 10 pm respectively, and rescheduled the recordings.

    You can see now, I am narked that they can not even hold a schedule in place for 24 hours because somewhere, the times have reverted – now I have two halves of nothing.

    I think I’ll save the frustration effort and commercials and source them elsewhere. And while I am at it. It is a terrible, terrible thing that has happened with these fires, and my heart and thought go out to all who have been touched by it, but the media have got to let it go and get back to sensible reporting. I am sick of seeing the fires and destruction everywhere I turn

  3. i reckon it is starting look alot like the over cooked coverage of 9/11. when that happened, 9 and the abc just showed a journo standing in front of the twin towers talking about stuff we already knew for 24 hours of the day

  4. I remember a story on ACA a while back where a school kid was excluded for some reason from sitting in on a channel 7 weather man’s presentation. Talk about trivial, even for ACA standards.

  5. I agree that it is way overdone, but what annoys me even more is the changing of programming, seemingly several times a day, especially 7. It is so obviously just a contest with Nein. How on earth is anyone supposed to know what’s on when? I suppose the idea is, we are supposed to be glued to the TV and watch regardless of what’s on.

  6. yeah i think its time to scale down the massive coverage of the bush fire disaster. apparently last night,. one of the current afair shows told kids who were playing and having. they told them to look sad and depressed. it just shows they just want to draw the coverage out just for ratings.

  7. Enough of the Bushfire coverage …
    We are all very upset for the victims and doing our own thing to help but … but, call me cynical … all this Network competition with “extended” coverage of the disaster is not out of concern for the victims or volunteers and all about ratings and the usual Network “p**sing contests” …
    There is no reason to keep interrupting people’s viewing any more and the “stories and Interviews” are getting very, very thin!

  8. I’ve avoided all of the extended news coverage, because it’s too depressing. I prefer the escapism of someone nice to look at … I mean, something nice to watch … like Ghost Whisperer!

  9. If they have their 2nd SD channels up and running then they could have the fires on one and regular programing on the 2nd.

    Unless they incorporate TT and ACA into the news I doubt they would run for 1 hours normally.

    Thank god for PayTV

  10. I am devastated by the Bushfire Crisis. It is awful sad and horrifying!! Why can we not resume some normal programming? I realsie that these people have lost loved ones and entire communities, however there are on;y so many stories to hear. maybe that should Interview everyone and ask them how they are feeling, what they have lost, how they lost it, what they were doing? It is so tragic, I really cant watch any more. I have donated money and motivated my work colleagues. It would be nice to enjoy some TV shows. Well Done Ch 9 for your Telethon. Ch7 TT is not relevant when You have an hour news each night!!

  11. Wonder if either 7 or Nine will consider going an hour long in the long run? Both major news shows in NZ (TV One and TV 3) are an hour long (6-7pm) and then the current affair show screens between 7-7:30pm (H&A screens at 5:30pm).

    Nine definitely doesn’t have anything to loose since they don’t have anything crediable in the 7pm slot.

  12. LOL we still keep getting GW promos but I’m not sure of the date as I don’t take much interest in the show.

    I know it’s a disaster but is anyone else getting sick of the wall to wall coverage of the fires? I’ll give the thing on ch9 a look but Carla PD final is tonight and then Life on Mars on ch10.

  13. Looks to me like Nine has forced Seven’s hand. Seven was last night advertising an 8.00 start for GW, 9 for Greys, 10 for PP. Now, seeing that Nine is continuing with the 1 hour news, then ACA, then the telethon at 7.30, Seven feels pressured to keep up the 1 hour long news. Problem for Seven is H & A, which has to have 5 eps in a week to keep up, unlike 2.5 Men, which gives Nine more flexibility.

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