Torchwood to ABC2

twoodFinally on its ‘rightful’ home?

TV Tonight can announce ABC2 has picked up Series One and Two of  Torchwood starring John Barrowman.

Both series have already aired on Network TEN, but after a troubled start it moved to TEN HD.

The UK TV Channel began airing S2 last night on subscription television.

In addition ABC2 will also screen Torchwood Declassified, the “behind the scenes” extras.

Meanwhile the BBC have announced that a 60 second trailer for the forthcoming mini-series “Children of Earth” will be shown at the New York Comic Con on Thursday 5th February at 4:00pm US time. It will be made available simultaneously in the United Kingdom on the official Torchwood web site. As access for Aussie viewers is limited keep your eye on YouTube.

No word on ‘who’ will first land the third series in Australia.

ABC2 will premiere S1E1 at 10:30pm Friday June 19.

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  1. This was well publicised, not! If not for a chance encounter during a channel surf I wouldn’t have known a thing. Still don’t know if series three is going to be on TEN or ABC2. Perhaps, like the Primeval series I should just keep an eye out for the DVD box sets.

  2. Probably a good place for it ABC2, IMHO it’s the worst scifi series ever made, the Poms are usually pretty good at making quality scifi, but not this time

  3. Was in the UK in October 08 and freeview boxes were about $45 and that gave you around thirty odd channels, be interesting what they will charge here.

  4. In response to those comments about why people have SD but not HD, in the country areas, the commericial affiliates are not running separate HD content, the HD channel is simply a simulcast of the SD channel. At least that is the case in Northern NSW. Therefore, we had no chance of watching any of the alternative content.

  5. Hooray! Now I can watch the first episode, the only one I haven’t seen. I still can’t believe Ten encored the premiere of Pirate Master and not Torchwood. My mum missed Torchwood when it moved to late night and then to 10HD, so I will have to get her a set top box.

  6. Why does the ABC continue to buy recent series, that have already been shown by other (free to air) TV networks? the ABC should buy more good new content, that has not been shown on (free to air) TV networks before.

    Even worse, limiting Torchwood to the ABC2, means it would still have more limited audience (digital TV only) and that the HD version wouldn’t be even shown.

  7. Mandy, I bought the S2 boxset without even previewing it, and it was totally worth it.

    Good on ABC for buying it – better late than never. Channel Ten had no idea what they were doing.

    And given that the episodes are gonna be on late, chances are that they won’t be the censored ones (good!)

  8. Thanks for the S3 info, do we know when?

    At least you know ABC2 will show all eps, each week without a break and with the Declassified files which are worth the viewing.

    BTW we got a HD box just the other day, (the SD that we had died) there is no excuse not to get one these days at $99 or less, converting just about any TV to have more channels. The price of the freeview units will be interesting.

  9. is ABC2 really all that different to 10HD? those with only analogue still can’t see it. are there really that many people out there who do have SD but don’t have HD? and if so they should really just get HD, how much is an SD STB $50 and $100 for a HD one, just spend the extra and get the HD coz that way you’ll have access to all channels. they should really just stop selling SD stuff in shops, many people don’t even know the difference and don’t realise how they are limiting themselves. would you buy a CD drive for your computer instead of a DVD drive, coz buying SD and not HD is the same thing, just buy the one that can do everything.

    but running with that analogy i guess blu-ray is like freeview (it’s exclusive EPG anyway) yet another add on that you have to pay for new equipment for if you want it. media spy ran an article yesterday for what david told us ages ago, you do need new equipment if you want the EPG, although still no answer on whether they will keep broadcasting the existing one. coz if they keep the old one i’m ok and fine with that, but if they get rid of it and i’m not able to make my panasonic equipment use the freeview one with a simple upgrade there will be some serious abuse coming freeviews way.

  10. That’s interesting. Not even two days ago the ABC sent me an email saying March for S1, and September for S2. Weird. Anyway, I do hope ABC picks up S3. Even if they air it while one of the other seasons is still running, it won’t matter.

    And Craig, they are calling “Children of Earth” Season Three, even if it is five episodes. It is one long episode shown over five consecutive nights in the UK, and being fastracked to the US so quickly that it will still be airing in the UK when the US air it. Wouldn’t that be nice, to have that here.

  11. That is a pretty big wait to start the series on ABC2. Since I have already seen seasons 1 and 2, I therefore to know how will I be watching season 3.

  12. A bit late but better than nothing, see this is what the 2nd SD channel is for. ABC knows it so why can’t the commercial networks get off their butts and do something!

    I’m not sure Torchwood has a 3rd season, aren’t they doing some specials of something like Doctor Who in 2009?

    BTW I hope this is not the ‘kids’ version being on at 10:30pm.

  13. Good to see, thanks ABC2. I haev already seen them by other sources, but am happy for the rest of the unfortunate viewers who have been treated so poorly by Ten/TenHD. Hope the get season 3, and play at a more suitable time.

  14. Sensible outcome for a series originally made for BBC3 rather than main channel.

    Know how you feel Rufus, but I know several people who haven’t seen it and would watch – not everyone has access to HD or cable, or downloads. And the S2 box set is such a rip-off, who’d buy it?

    Any chance on the self-censored “pre-watershed” version of S2 for the kids, too?

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