Wednesday scheduling update

Updated: More changes in News will see a flow-on effect to other programming for Nine and Seven.

acatgHere are today’s amendments for News and beyond.

Nine (GTV / TCN / QTQ)

Wed Feb 11
6:00pm Nine News 1hr
7:00pm A Current Affair
7:30pm The Farmer Wants a Wife
8:30pm The Mentalist  S1E10 “Red Brick and Ivy”
9:30pm Flashpoint
10:30pm Nine News Special 1 hr

Thu Feb 12
6:00pm Nine News
7:00pm A Current Affair
7:30pm Australia Unites 4.5 hrs

This means Cold Case and Two and a Half Men are out.

Nine has also altered an episode of The Mentalist, which was to have been S1E9 “Flame Red”. No doubt its arson attack storyline was deemed inappropriate. Good to see a sensible move here, and it will now play February 25th.


Wed Feb 11
4:30pm Seven News at 4:30 1 hr
5:30pm Deal or No Deal
6:00pm Seven News (1 hr)
7:00pm Today Tonight
7:30pm Australia’s Got Talent (normal programming resumes)

Thu Feb 12
7:00pm Home & Away dbl ep
8:00pm Ghost Whisperer
9:00pm Grey’s Anatomy
10:00pm Private Practice
11:00pm Scrubs
11:30pm Beauty & The Geek

Seven has also slated repeats of Packed to the Rafters 11:30pm Fri, 12pm Tue 17th followed by All Saints repeat.

Not Going Out and Gavin & Stacey resume Feb 21 in cities they were originally intended along with Vicar of Dibley repeats.

This post updates.

19 Responses

  1. I’m getting disturbed by huge waterrnarks of ‘ACA exclusive’ when seeing home videos from the fires. I’ll be ill if there’s a Logie for best news coverage of the fires. You can’t help but know there’s a sick competition going on and while it’s something we all need to know about, the previous standards of TT and ACA are coming home to roost. We don’t trust your sincerity!!!!!!

  2. All of the channels have done the right thing in having extended coverage of the bushfires. But I think the line needs to be drawn somewhere.

    On the news yesterday a couple were reunited after 3 or 4 days of being separated. Instead of showing this reunion from a respectful distance, all we could see on the tv was at least 3 cameramen not even a metre from them in the background, jostling to get the best shot.

    I know that they are trying to show the raw emotions that the victims are going through, but these people also need to be given the respect and dignity to deal with what’s happened without having a camera shoved in their face.

    Perhaps its a sign that the channels need to scale back a bit.

  3. The People whinging about the amount of the coverage the FTA channels are giving the bushfires in Victoria, get over it!!!

    Your precious TV programs will be screened at somepoint, meanwhile there are people out there who couldn’t give a rats cahoote on when the next episode of The Mentalist will be shown in it’s normal timeslot, mostly due to having to deal with this tragedy that has effected them in alot of ways.

  4. ch7 could have saved themselves a lot of grief if they just canceled home and away this week and then maybe ran an extra week before xmas. or they could just cancel ghost whisperer, do an hour long bulletin, and continue as normal from greys.

    i completely agree with ryan, now that it is 4 days after the fires there is not much that we haven’t heard that we need to. i completely sympathise with the victims and do not underestimate the significance of this event. but surely there are other things going on in the world that deserve atleast a 2 sentence mention in an hour news bulletin.
    in terms of ratings there are still a lot of people that are interested in the coverage so i guess i am in the minority and the networks have a responsibility to cater to the majority.

  5. Yes Dave, programming on TV Tonight is always with a disclaimer for the Melbourne market for this very reason (see “About” page). Some networks send out national info and some send single city only. It’s a bit of a nightmare to be honest but they are all entitled to run whatever internal amendment system suits them.

    I’m not going to start asking “Is this for Adelaide too?” So always refer with local guide info, including the handy widget on this site.

  6. No Ryan, I totally understand where you are coming from. I think that News should be new, not repetitive. I’ve gotten to the point where I am just switching off. That being said ABC news has been very good, as you still gets lot’s of news from elsewhere in the country and worldwide.

    I’m not saying that it’s not news worthy but hey I don’t really need to see reporters getting people to cry on camera, that’s sick as far as I’m concerned and it’s just about ratings as well.

    News updates through normal programming is more than enough and please stick to the facts.

  7. Good move to hold off on that ep of The Mentalist but really is 2 weeks going to make a difference?

    And to nit-pick the car that was ‘burnt’ in the ep looks nothing like how it should in real life, all the glass and plastics are still intact!

  8. Yeh have to agree with Ryan there…as horriffic the stories are…how many different ways are there to tell the story, I mean no disrepect to those involved my heart bleeds for them, but an 1.5 hour devoted to it (News and ACA) (News and TT) if there is something new report it…otherwise we need to escape the horrors of the last week and not just keep reminding people how bad it is and was…+still donate Blood and money its so important…

  9. I know the bushfires are a big story but its getting repetitive, its the same thing repeated for a solid hour in every bulliten there has been no new stories emerge and its getting tiring, its devestating I know and I don’t want to be coming across as inconsiderate and unsympathetic because I absolutely am, its just repetitive.

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