Week 6

ASTRA Week 6


1 Seven News Seven 1,552,000
2 Nine News Nine 1,208,000
3 ABC News ABC 1,116,000
4 Ten News at Five Ten 1,074,000
5 New Tricks ABC 995,000
6 In The Bush With Malcolm Douglas Seven 947,000
7 ABC News Update ABC 797,000
8 Kath & Kim Seven 795,000
9 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Summer Series Nine 793,000
10 The Bill ABC 778,000
11 Sports Tonight Ten727,000
12 City Of Melbourne Summer Special Seven 650,000
13 Billy Elliot Ten 620,000
14 ABC News Update ABC 593,000
15 Cliffhanger Nine 578,000
16 2009 NAB Cup: West Coast v Collingwood Seven 575,000
17 Seconds from Disaster Seven 568,000
18 Stuart Little Nine 565,000
19 Honey Ten 541,000
20 Fawlty Towers Seven 541,000
Gardening Australia ABC 521,000
Mythbusters SBS 512,000
Iron Chef SBS 436,000
Life On Mars Ten 349,000
RocKwiz SBS 333,000

Seven: 30.9
ABC / Nine: 21.5
TEN: 17.2
SBS: 8.5


1 Today Tonight Seven 1,445,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,402,000
3 Better Homes and Gardens Seven 1,306,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,272,000
5 One Day Cricket: Aus v NZ Game 2 Session 2 Nine 1,206,000
Home and Away Seven 1,104,000
The Simpsons Fri Ten 937,000
The Biggest Loser Ten 814,000
Law & Order Fri Ep 2 Ten
Law & Order Fri Ten 805,000
One Day Cricket – Australia v New Zealand Game 2 Session 1 Nine 729,000
Trial And Retribution ABC 662,000

Seven: 29.8
Nine: 28.6
TEN: 22.0
ABC: 13.1
SBS: 6.5


1. Seven News Seven 1,456,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,385,000
3. Law and Order: SVU Ten 1,202,000
4. Life on Mars Ten 1,148,000
5. Home and Away Seven 1,089,000
6. Grey’s Anatomy Seven 1,086,000
7. Nine News Nine 1,072,000
8. Adults Only 20 to 1 Nine 1,061,000
9. Ghost Whisperer Seven 1,059,000
10. The 7:30 Report ABC 998,000
11. ABC News ABC 990,000
12. A Current Affair Nine 988,000
13. Two and a Half Men Nine 926,000
14. The Biggest Loser Ten 923,000
15. The Celebrity Singing Bee Nine 916,000
16. Ten News at Five Ten 864,000
17. Bondi Vet Ten 849,000
18. Neighbours Ten 750,000
19. Deal or No Deal Seven 730,000
20. Everest ER ABC 689,000
Ten Late News with Sports Tonight Ten 585,000
Kitchen Nightmares Nine 515,000
Rex in Rome SBS 347,000
Carla Cametti PD SBS 296,000
CSI: NY Nine 144,000
9AM with David & Kim TEN 63,000

Seven: 29.6
TEN: 25.7
Nine: 23.9
ABC: 15.2
SBS: 5.6


1. Today Tonight Seven 1,494,000
2. Seven News Seven 1,468,000
3. Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1,314,000
4. Criminal Minds Seven 1,251,000
5. House Ten 1,242,000
6. Home And Away Seven 1,214,000
7. Nine News Nine 1,071,000
8. Spicks And Specks ABC 1,042,000
9. So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,010,000
10. ABC News ABC 982,000
11. Domestic Blitz Nine 971,000
12. A Current Affair 107,000
13. Two And A Half Men Nine 955,000
14. The Mentalist Nine 948,000
15. 7.30 Report ABC 871,000
16. Ten News At Five Ten 868,000
17. The Biggest Loser Ten 867,000
18. Life Ten 851,000
19. Flashpoint Nine 843,000
20. Neighbours Ten 827,000
The New Inventors ABC 776,000
24 Seven 602,000
Cold Case Nine 593,000
Chandon Pictures ABC 462,000

Seven: 29.2
TEN: 25.2
Nine: 24.2
ABC: 15.7
SBS: 5.7


1 Packed To The Rafters Seven 1,873,000
2 Find My Family Seven 1,653,000
3 Seven News Seven 1,556,000
4 Today Tonight Seven 1,502,000
5 Lie To Me TEN 1,498,000
6 NCIS TEN 1,481,000
7 RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1,436,000
8 Home And Away Seven 1,336,000
9 All Saints Seven 1,298,000
10 Wipeout Australia Nine 1,173,000
11 Bondi Rescue TEN 1,163,000
12 ABC News ABC 1,130,000
13 Nine News Nine 1,128,000
14 Two And A Half Men Ep1 Nine 1,078,000
15 A Current Affair Nine 1,044,000
16 The Biggest Loser TEN 1,019,000
17 Ten News At Five TEN 999,000
18 Two And A Half Men (R) Nine 988,000
19 Two And A Half Men Ep2 Nine 985,000
20 The 7.30 Report ABC 956,000
Neighbours 783,000
Eli Stone 679,000
The Allan Border Medal 540,000
Lead Balloon 526,000
Doctor Who 369,000
Dirty Sexy Money 331,000
The Morning Show 182,000
Mornings with Kerri-Anne 117,000

Seven: 34.5
TEN: 26.8
Nine: 21.9
ABC: 12.1
SBS: 4.8


1. Seven News Seven 1,542,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,435,000
3. The Devil Wears Prada TEN 1,421,000
4. Desperate Housewives Seven 1,374,000
5. Home And Away Seven 1,235,000
6. Two And A Half Men Nine 1,212,000
7. Nine News Nine 1,172,000
8. So You Think You Can Dance Australia TEN 1,154,000
9. ABC News ABC 1,135,000
10. A Current Affair Nine 1,093,000
11. Brothers & Sisters Seven 997,000
12. Top Gear SBS 974,000
13. Ten News At Five TEN 955,000
14. The Big Bang Theory Nine 953,000
15. How I Met Your Mother Seven 947,000
16. Two And A Half Men Rpt Nine 938,000
17. The Biggest Loser TEN 923,000
18. Neighbours TEN 814,000
19. 7.30 Report ABC 811,000
20. Deal Or No Deal Seven 745,000
Terminator 3 Nine 649,000
Boston Legal Seven 589,000
Antiques Roadshow Nine 558,000
Sunrise Seven 387,000
South Park SBS 361,000
2008 NFL Superbowl TEN 306,000
Today Nine 294,000
30 Rock Seven 281,000
The Morning Show 200,000

TEN: 28.4
Seven: 28.0
Nine: 20.7
ABC: 14.7
SBS: 8.1


1. Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Men’s Final Seven 2,246,000
2. Seven News – Sun Seven 2,008,000
3. Sunday Night: Sneak Peek Seven 1,751,000
4. Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Men’s Final Introduction Seven 1,622,000
5. So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Audition 1 TEN 1,306,000
6. Nine News Sunday Nine 1,251,000
7. The Biggest Loser  TEN 1,156,000
8. One Day Cricket – Australia V New Zealand Game 1 Session 1 Nine 1,124,000
9. One Day Cricket – Australia V New Zealand Game 1 Session 2 Nine 929,000
10. Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Men’s Final Presentation Seven 911,000
11. TEN News At Five Sun TEN 896,000
12. ABC News ABC 821,000
13. Hot Property Seven 749,000
14. Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Men’s Final Preview Seven 739,000
15. Election TEN 586,000
16. Sports Tonight Sun TEN 536,000
17. Stepfather Of The Bride ABC 533,000
18. Cherub Of The Mist ABC 523,000
19. ABC News Update ABC 433,000
20. Weekend Sunrise Seven 431,000
Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Day 14 Seven 367,000
Out Of The Blue TEN 263,000
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart TEN 192,000
Today on Sunday Nine 167,000
Lost: Destiny Calls Seven 149,000
The Office TEN 128,000

Seven: 46.6
Nine: 22.0
TEN: 18.5
ABC: 9.1
SBS: 3.9


  1. so is this sunday the beginning of the ratings season for 2009? And with Underbelly on Monday it will be a strong lead in for nine for the rest of the week so nine should do a bit better this week

  2. redbullboy, Ten’s Sydney 5pm news has become unwatchable since Bill Woods replaced Ron Wilson. I miss the easy delivery and rapport Ron had with the team. Bill’s stand up lecture on the financial crisis in front of the big screen this week was one of the most awkward pieces to camera I have seen since Jessica Rowe’s debut on Today. It was amateur stuff. Ten need to reinstate the most respected and professional newsreader they have before any more damage is done to the Sydney ratings.

  3. who the hell would want to watch the cricket?? australia suck! totally crap! simpsons was so good last night and so was law and order and when i saw womens murder club i was so happy!! great night on ten, too bad you idiots were watching a failed team fail again lol

  4. The thing people forget is that advertisers – who use the ratings data the most – are most concerned with demographics than total numbers. They wouldn’t advertise Mercedes cars on a show that skewed to incomes under $50K, or tampons on a show that had a big male demographic. Total numbers are nice if you look at it like a horse race, but it’s the details that count when it comes to advertisers putting money into your network.

  5. Re. Ten’s news – I completely agree with Dan. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in Ten’s news coverage over the past few months – they’re certainly making good use of their deals with the US tv networks. In their one hour bulletin Ten has been able to report on stories in much more depth than both 9 and 7, with a level of sophistication that isn’t possible in a shorter report, whilst still providing the shorter clipped-down news grab during the half-hour late news. I’ve also noticed that Ten’s journalism has become increasingly investigative – they report on news that the 7 and 9 don’t pick up. Just goes to show that a tv network doesn’t need to have a current affairs program to make room for more investigative, high quality journalism.

  6. Life on Mars was pretty good, not as good as the British version though.

    UK version was little more subtle and John Simm was a more vulnerable Sam Tyler that the more “hero mould” actor in the US version.

    James Spader of 10 years ago would have made a more appropriate Sam Tyler, a bit more cerebral character, more like the UK version.

    Harvey Keitel played, um Harvey Keitel whereas Philip Glennister was alot more refreshing as Gene Hunt in the UK version.

    The “no nuts” comment was funny though.

  7. For the record, it’s just over 3 000 households in the sample, not people. If anyone reads up on statistical analysis – i haven’t in depth, but i have read enough on the subject of TV ratings – they will see that the accuracy is higher than they would expect.

  8. Irishbabe, the peoplemeters haven’t changed all of the sudden, its just that no one wants to watch any of 9’s shows. but i do agree that the solution is in swapping the timetable around. all the leadins, competion slots, timeslots are all wrong. also the 3000 aussies is just a rumour no official number has ever been released.

    as for today on sunday. insatead of leila there is livinia (this was before her new gig), sami lukis, sarah murdoch was interested. and if all else fails just audition people. TV could do with some fresh faces.

    i too am interested to hear what sam said on the 4:30 news. i think she is one of the most georgeous, nicest, humblest people on tv. and she is easy on the eyes.

  9. yes from what i have heard these ratings box people get to keep the devices for years, i doubt oztam went out and got a whole new crop of people over summer, i’d say these people are the same ones who did it last year and so the shift away from 9 and onto 10 is a real one, these people have actually changed their viewing it is not just a bunch of new people who like 10. 10 have improved the way they are advertising and 9 have garbage shows and tv guides full of tbas so i’d say that the populace is actually doing what the ratings say in this case, although in general i don’t trust them either.

  10. 2.5 men, the sample of homes used by Oztam are a scrutinized cross-section of the community that has the approval of all 3 networks. If a network notices something strange or unfair, then they can challenge the sample chosen for that particular market. Each network has a Research Department that makes sure the data received is as true as it possibly can be, because each network has alot riding on the results. Believe me if Nine thought the sample was unfair, they would be challenging it.

  11. i dunno about this rating system with only 3,000 odd people with people meters.

    Isn’t it all to easy, say, these people are fan boys of a certain channel and leave/say they watched a certain channel for a sake of liking that channel more even though they probably didn’t even watch anything on that channel on that time.

  12. Well it would appear the some 3 000 Aussies with people meters have decided against choosing 9 in ’09! An interesting statistic, only approximately 0.02% of our population actually have people meters! Thus why I don’t believe the ratings we are always dished up!

    Nine really need to make a few adjustments to their schedule! – They should shift Celebrity Singing Bee to Tuesday 8.30, shift The Mentalist to Thursday 8.30, shift The Farmer Wants A Wife to Wednesday 8.30, put Missing Pieces on Monday 7.30, Getaway Thursday 7.30 and perhaps What’s Good For You or For Richer For Poorer Wednesday 7.30.

    Also, a number of people on this site have expressed their hatred towards Cameron Williams and Leila McKinnon, thinking that they’re not suited to their Today on Sunday gig – To those of you who do hate Cam and Leila I wonder who you would have given the gig to? I love both Cam and Leila, as I absolutely hate Andrew O Keefe, and refuse to watch Samantha Armytage after an absolutely disgusting and distasteful comment she made one day on the 4.30 news.

  13. Actually on that note, ten should try moving their news to the 6 to 7pm slot, I watch their news whenever I can but it’s on just that bit too early, They should move Neighbours back to 5.30 and see how it goes there, it’s not doing that good where it is and lets face it, doubt it would worry too many people if it were on earlier.

  14. Woah Nine is in big trouble. Singing Bee ratings not spectacular but 20 to 1 held up well surprisingly. No doubt they’ll remove Ramsay soon enough – good riddance I say. Good on Ten for having a consistent week in the lead-up to ratings. Great ratings for SVU and Life on Mars – all those ads paid off. Without the high-profile slot of Sunday Grey’s gets beaten by SVU but it could be due to the two-hour premiere. Overall solid and consistent ratings get Seven over the line, coupled with the fact that Nine’s 6pm to 7:30 consistently gets much lower ratings that that of Seven’s. Actually, if TEN had news at 6:00 it would provide a huge boost to Neighbours ratings and TEN could really be in contention for more consistent ratings throughout the year. Because let’s face it, Nine and Seven are facing no competition at 6pm. Finally, I hope TEN’s success continues with new Simpsons tonight!

  15. People seem to forget that Thurs night is traditionally a low rating night. Just thought I would throw that up as an explanation for the “low” ratings some shows had. We shall see how they all go, but CH10 and 7 must both be happy. This time next week we will know if Ch9 are happy, but some shows they were banking on didn’t hit it this week.

  16. It’s so nice to see 10 have such amazing success after last year’s horrendous ratings slump. Hopefully, with more people watching their channel, there won’t be a need to keep dropping their shows.

    With shows like the singing bee and Wipeout Australia, Nine deserve third place.

  17. Good figures for Life On Mars and SVU.. Tens going really well this year, a great start. Bondi Vet went ok, but I dont think that number will be enough for TEN in future.

  18. Which other Sunday TV guides did nine’s primetime schedule not have TBA’s? It had the their schedule in Queensland’s, how about the other states? The Sunday Mail one was the only print guide which i looked at which doesn’t have TBA’s everywhere from nine.

  19. I loved Life on Mars and thought it was the first US remake to ever improve on the original. Came across as an even more original storyline and that great street scape shot when the camera panned around 360 degrees must have cost a fortune. Hope they keep the production values up!

  20. Remember that Ramsay was not on in Qld (CSI NY) so the overall figure for 9:30 for Nine is 659,000 -but still a long way behind Seven and TEN, and significantly a turn off from its own lead in.

    TEN and Seven have certainly struck in the eye of the storm which will help, but it’s not a real race until next week.

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