Week 7

Channel Nine wins first ratings week
Top 100
Pay TV Top 100
ASTRA Week 7


1 Seven News Seven 1,309,000
2 Nine News Nine 1,116,000
3 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 1,047,000
4 New Tricks ABC 976,000
5 ABC News ABC 974,000
6 Kath & Kim Seven 885,000
7 ABC News Update ABC 870,000
8 In The Bush With Malcolm Douglas Seven 868,000
9 Ten News At Five Ten 839,000
10 The Bill ABC 836,000
11 Raise Your Voice Nine 621,000
12 Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous Nine 613,000
13 Fawlty Towers Seven 579,000
14 2009 NAB Cup – Brisbane V St Kilda Ten 563,000
15 Mean Girls Ten 549,000
16 Sports Tonight Ten 548,000
17 Gardening Australia ABC 529,000
18 ABC News Update ABC 511,000
19 Mythbusters SBS 473,000
20 The Last Detective ABC 464,000
Australia’s Greatest Athlete Nine 458,000
Wipeout Australia Nine 426,000
The Vicar Of Dibley Seven 388,000
Seconds From Disaster: Space Shuttle Challenger Seven 366,000
Rockwiz SBS 359,000
Iron Chef SBS 357,000
Not Going Out Seven 237,000
Mercurio’s Menu Seven 191,000
Kid’s WB On Nine Nine 178,000
The Hills Nine 171,000
Gavin And Stacey Seven 166,000
Britannia High Seven 158,000

Nine: 25.5
ABC: 23.6
Seven: 21.7
TEN: 20.2
SBS: 9.0


1 Seven News Seven 1,428,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,267,000
3 One Day Cricket – Aus V NZ Game 5 Session 2 Nine 1,252,000
4 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1,237,000
5 Nine News Nine 1,051,000
6 ABC News ABC 1,004,000
7 Ten News At Five Ten 977,000
8 The Simpsons Fri Ten 892,000
9 The Biggest Loser Ten 858,000
10 Medium Ten 820,000
11 The All New Simpsons Ten 818,000
12 Home And Away Seven 779,000
13 After The Firestorm: An ABC News Special ABC 768,000
14 Law & Order Fri Ten 760,000
15 Deal Or No Deal Seven 750,000
16 Trial And Retribution: Paradise Lost ABC 743,000
17 Neighbours Ten 665,000
18 The Simpsons Ten 634,000
19 A Current Affair Nine 611,000
20 The Medallion Nine 546,000
2009 Sponsor Name Cup: Western Bulldogs V Essendon Seven 456,000
Underbelly Nine 422,000
Can We Help? ABC 346,000
Packed To The Rafters Seven 304,000
Shark Seven 271,000

Nine: 33.6
Seven: 26.6
TEN: 20.0
ABC: 14.7
SBS: 5.1


1 Seven News 6pm Seven 1,638,000
2 Seven News 6:30pm Seven 1,625,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,323,000
4 Australia Unites Nine 1,167,000
5 Nine News Nine 1,151,000
6 Home And Away Seven 1,093,000
7 Law And Order: SVU Ten 995,000
8 Grey’s Anatomy Seven 993,000
9 Ten News at Five Ten 970,000
10 The Biggest Loser Ten 968,000
11 7.30 Report ABC 968,000
12 Life On Mars Ten 939,000
13 ABC News ABC 915,000
14 A Current Affair Nine 902,000
15 The Man Inside Dame Edna ABC 870,000
16 Bondi Vet Ten 847,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 812,000
18 Catalyst ABC 795,000
19 Neighbours Ten 744,000
20 Private Practice Seven 731,000
Q & A ABC 548,000
Scrubs Seven 422,000
Grand Designs ABC 347,000
Carla Cametti PD SBS 311,000
Inspector Rex SBS 307,000
Shark Seven 271,000
Beauty And The Geek Seven 244,000

Nine: 31.7
Seven: 26.0
TEN: 20.7
ABC: 16.9
SBS: 4.8

Does not include overruns.


1 Seven News Seven 1,583,000
2 Seven News – Ext. – Bushfire Disaster Ed. Seven 1,544,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,331,000
4 Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1,328,000
5 Nine News Nine 1,263,000
6 A Current Affair Nine 1,242,000
7 Criminal Minds Seven 1,234,000
8 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,079,000
9 House Ten 1,079,000
10 The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 1,074,000
11 Spicks And Specks ABC 1,072,000
12 Ten News At Five Ten 1,030,000
13 Gangs Of Oz Seven 1,028,000
14 7.30 Report ABC 991,000
15 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 963,000
16 ABC News ABC 942,000
17 The Mentalist Nine 930,000
18 The Biggest Loser Ten 892,000
19 The New Inventors ABC 832,000
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 796,000
Neighbours Ten 763,000
Life Ten 752,000
Flashpoint Nine 669,000
Cold Case Nine 593,000
Chandon Pictures ABC 497,000
Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul ABC 435,000
Lost Seven 405,000
Long Way Down SBS 383,000

Seven: 30.9
Nine: 25.2
TEN: 23.0
ABC: 16.0
SBS: 4.9


1 Packed To The Rafters Seven 1,685,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,677,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,556,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,503,000
5 NCIS Ten 1,460,000
6 Cricket Aus V NZ Game 4 Session 2 Nine 1,453,000
7 Find My Family Seven 1,438,000
8 Lie To Me Ten 1,315,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,268,000
10 Bondi Rescue Ten 1,262,000
11 A Current Affair Nine 1,157,000
12 All Saints Seven 1,125,000
13 The 7.30 Report ABC1 1,073,000
14 The Biggest Loser Ten 979,000
15 ABC News ABC1 975,000
16 Ten News At Five Ten 920,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 795,000
18 Cricket Aust V NZ Game 4 Session 1 Nine 720,000
19 The Simpsons Ten 684,000
20 Neighbours Ten 678,000
Eli Stone Seven 558,000
Lead Balloon ABC 540,000
Ten Late News With Sports Tonight Ten 525,000
One Day Cricket – Australia V New Zealand Game 4 Session 1 Nine 475,000
Seven News At 4.30 Seven 471,000
Mornings With Kerri-Anne Nine 295,000
The Morning Show Seven 291,000
Dirty Sexy Money Seven 204,000

Seven: 31.1
Nine: 29.3
TEN: 23.9
ABC: 12.2
SBS: 3.5

Updated: Does not include overruns or coding errors. Cricket now included.


1 Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities -Ep1 Nine 2,584,000
2 Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities -Ep2 Nine 2,419,000
3 Seven News – Extended – Bushfire Disaster Edition Seven 1,731,000
4 Seven News Seven 1,657,000
5 Customs Nine 1,518,000
6 Today Tonight Seven 1,513,000
7 Nine News Nine 1,462,000
8 A Current Affair Nine 1,252,000
9 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,240,000
10 7.30 Report 1,216,000
11 Ten News At Five Ten 1,200,000
12 Home And Away Seven 1,141,000
13 ABC News 1,115,000
14 Nine News Special Nine 1,100,000
15 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,066,000
16 Desperate Housewives Seven 971,000
17 How I Met Your Mother Seven 963,000
18 Australian Story 881,000
19 Deal Or No Deal Seven 881,000
20 The Biggest Loser Ten 865,000
21 Top Gear SBS 815,000
22 Neighbours Ten 777,000
23 Good News Week Ten 761,000
24 Brothers & Sisters Seven 752,000
25 Four Corners 709,000
Media Watch 588,000
Seven News At 4.30 – Bushfire Disaster Edition Seven 581,000
Boston Legal Seven 510,000
Sunrise Seven 485,000
Dexter Ten 471,000
Today Nine 385,000
Stephen Fry: The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive ABC 433,000

Nine: 39.5
Seven: 23.7
TEN: 16.7
ABC: 13.8
SBS: 6.3


1 Seven News Seven 1,903,000
2 Nine News Nine 1,883,000
3 Border Security Seven 1,766,000
4 Triple Zero Heroes Seven 1,732,000
5 One Day Cricket – Australia v New Zealand Game 3 Session 2 Nine 1,657,000
6 Sunday Night Seven 1,628,000
7 City Homicide Seven 1,417,000
8 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,204,000
9 One Day Cricket – Australia V New Zealand Game 3 Session 1 Nine 1,145,000
10 ABC News ABC 1,036,000
11 Bones Seven 961,000
12 Firewall Nine 957,000
13 Rove Ten 882,000
14 The Rich List Seven 856,000
15 The Biggest Loser Ten 840,000
16 Wild Caribbean ABC 779,000
17 Cranford ABC 741,000
18 Ten News At Five Sun Ten 726,000
19 24 Seven 715,000
20 Compass ABC 691,000
Weekend Sunrise Seven 482,000
Today On Sunday Nine 389,000
The Einstein Factor ABC 335,000
Out Of The Blue Sun Ten 307,000
Air Crash Investigations Seven 258,000
Insiders ABC 227,000
Nine News (“rpt STW9”) 180,000
Dateline SBS 167,000

Nine: 34.0
Seven: 30.9
TEN: 18.7
ABC: 13.7
SBS: 2.7

Does not include overruns.


  1. Not really ryan cp, oztam ratings are recorded in samples and automatically sent back to them. If it were in almost every household it would be a) far too expensive, b) not everyone wants their television viewing habits always monitored and c) oztam people have to use a special remote and tell the box who is watching a particular program at a particular time and for how long – it just wouldn’t be practical.

  2. Does Channel 9 have any idea what they’re actually screening? Why would they now show s1 ep 1 when the public is going to go “Huh” when Sam “arrives”? Or do they hope people won’t notice?

  3. im surprised that in this day and age that ratings cant be recorded by either our new hd tv’s or the set top boxes we buy or have built in. i mean come on, it can easily be done! i think its time we moved out of the 1900’s.
    do you rekon there could be other ways david?

  4. ive noticed normal programming is back tonight!! thank fk! we will finally have an idea of what people want to watch, although it will prob take another week to have an accurate reading.

  5. Today Tonight Seven 1,323,000
    The Biggest Loser Ten 968,000
    ABC News ABC 915,000
    A Current Affair Nine 902,000

    could people please enlighten me as to which markets ACA was shown in. or is that the actual figure it got. . . in 4th place. i personally could not be happier for these shows to go through a great decline. but if everyone just moves to 7 it’s not rally the same thing.

  6. Life on mars is great television! great episode last night. hope that ten keep it. ten are the same as last year, last week was a great week for them but it didnt really matter ratings wise, just building up audience wise. those ten promos are so pretentious! haha

  7. People were obviously turned away from Australia Unites because of stupid grudges against Eddie (which is poor form) but also because people had been exposed to the disaster all week and maybe needed a break. Eddie did far better then I expected though, when I switched over I was waiting for the fake smile etc that has arisen since he ran nine but for most of the night it was gone and apart from some poor performances from Tim Campbell and some D-listers (which every telethon suffers) I felt it was much better then it could have been and was in fact some good TV.

  8. I was expecting a huge number for Australia Unites! Good to see Life On Mars get that number, seems Nine stol quite a few people and an improvement on The Biggest Loser numbers.

  9. @RichoTB: I agree in that I think Private Practise won’t last more than a month with those kind of ratings before Seven pulls it/shifts it to 10.30 or another night. And TAR at 9.30 Thursdays would make perfect sense.

    Australia Unites was a great idea, and it did its job with the amount of money raised. But Nine will be a bit upset with the ratings I’d say. I was expecting much bigger. Doesn’t matter though, they’re likely to win the week anyway (though they would have hoped to win tonight with the cricket, but there’s unlikely to be any cricket due to rain in Brisbane (lucky buggers)).

  10. Good to see The Australia Unites Telethon raise so much money. But i’m not surprised it didn’t rate very well. I watched about an hour of the coverage and I saw 2 plugs for Underbelly, The Footy Show and the cricket (again and again). It was really quite poor form actually.

  11. Channel 9 used to be home to the stars with a stable of stars that would have done Warner Brothers proud. Last night’s telethon shows how far they have slipped with a fairly motley collection of presenters from lifestyle shows etc plus a few from shows such as Underbelly that are good actors but a long way from household names.

    Even Eddie seems to be a shadow of his former self. He seems to have lost his mojo and is now either looking confused or trying to dominate. There must have been something in the Kool-aid when he was CEO!!

  12. The ABC had the best coverage of these fires, our commercial netowrks have been a disgrace. I watched the telethon last night and i have to agreee that there was a lot of advertising for Nine shows on it.

  13. Australia Unites didn’t set the world on fire ratings-wise, Life on Mars dropped by 200,000 and is likely to be cancelled in the US, but it still does a lot better than other Ten shows at 9:30 (Dexter, Life, Supernatural, Law and Order). Its a double whammy that both Life on Mars and Life are likely to be axed come May, although Life may get a second chance on the USA network. Private Practise is flailing but if Seven give it a couple of weeks it might bounce back, then again it might drop further. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Amazing Race took over its slot in a few weeks.

  14. Wow! the way they seem to be talking the show was the biggest in history, not so though, seems most people are over Celebs talking themselves up.

    As far as coverage for the fires is concerned I think Ten treated the whole thing with the most respect. It reported on the facts and hasn’t tried to gain extra ratings from it. I also didn’t see them in the survivors faces, asking them stupid questions and getting them to cry on camera. Channel nine have been the most disrespectfull in using it as a ratings grab followed by Seven. I will give you guys a hint, leave the news anchors and presentors in the studio’s where they belong, you hire reporters to be out there to report on the facts. I also believe that news updates during regular programming is more effective then all day coverage, that’s what pay TV is for or here’s something new, why don’t you use your HD channels, which are currently full of nothing.

  15. ryan cp. i don’t think 7 and 9’s the extended news bulletins are as immoral as you are saying. i’d much rather see the 30 mins go to news than 2.5men and with about 2.8mil bums on seats at 6:00 on a thursday there is still great interest to a majority of australians which is what the networks have a responiblity to cater to.

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