When Greg meets Eddie

greg-norman-chris-portraitEddie McGuire earns his pay packet this week with a story he is filing for 60 Minutes.

This is the second time McGuire has been a guest reporter for Nine’s current affairs flagship.

The story is an exclusive interview with Greg Norman, who had a bitter divorce and new romance with Chris Evert, whom he married in the Bahamas.

Last year Norman’s ex-wife, Laura Andrassy, blasted the golf champ and Evert in an interview on A Current Affair and in magazine articles.

McGuire’s report promises “the untold story” as they speak about how and when they fell in love, their take on Laura and the bust up, and their plans for the future.

It will be interesting to see how much of the story is weighted to the subject and how much to the interviewer.

Other stories this weekend include a piece on Aussie fashion designers Peter Alexander and Henry Roth plus the collapse of Storm Financial.


  1. Marie Burton

    After seeing Tracy Grimshaw’s follow up I can only say Laura is a lady which is more than I can say about Greg’s new wife. What a nasty comment she made about Laura saying she needs a job or a charity. Why is she sponging off the Great White Shark? Even her X is not very happy. Laura shows that she is kind when donating to the Bushfire Appeal even before the story was aired. What did Chris donate?

  2. Shiela Morgan

    Eddie Maguire pales as an interviewer compared with Tracie Grimshaw. He is supposed to be Norman’s friend and he passed this segment to go to air to both his and Norman’s detriment. Revealing Norman to be a far lessor icon than we had thought. A man who had to give up his friends because his first wife laid down the laws? Excuse me…? Does not come over well Greg. First Lady was always absent from interviews. You have paid a high price to be your current wife’s third husband. Tracie’s interview gave us a much more sympathetic feel for your first wife than fast Eddie achieved for you – he totally failed. Showed the current wife obviously rejoicing in her status. We can only have conjecture on how long before you see her as many of us do.(Feel sure her number four will also be wealthy) enjoy what you paid for and seek a wiser friend than Eddie who dropped you both in it big time – and seeing how long he has been around – why? Maybe he too agrees with us? Just to polite to tell you perhaps? Eddie leave over the interviews and appkly yourself to something else – do not drag 60 minutes down.

  3. Eddie Maguire is supposedly a mate of Greg Norman. This “Interview” indicates he should take lessons from Tracie Grimshaw. Maguire did no favours to Greg Norman.My result in watching the poor performance – was why did they do it? In my book it just confirmed the ACA version. His current wife comes over as a satisfied predator – arm around spouse – because she can. Greg goes down a level if he “confesses” his first wife prevented him him from making contact with friends? Not the Greg Norman we thought we knew of. .In 25 years his first wife regularly stayed very much off screen. This one will not and seeing he is trophy number three as husbands go – we can only wonder how long he will last. Trust he gets the happiness he deserves and I say that in a heartfelt way – as after Mr Eddie Maguires questions one did feel Tracie Grimshaw had presented a far clearer and more honest picture and did agree with his first wife – and more – this current wife looks and acts like a predator.Please Mr Maguire do something else which with the fees you are paid that perhaps you are good at,, Interviewing certainly is not one of them – if this is your standard. Normand’s name would be the only way ratings would survive but no repeat performances please.

  4. Oh, how gripping. The ageing golf pro, his ex and his new wife, “telling all”.

    Make me some Bovril and bring me my comforter. I can hardly wait.

    Oh, and lee123, 60 Minutes has been tacky and cheap for years. It is not in any way a “current affairs” show. As this non-story proves once again.

  5. well the Storm Financial story is being done by ellen fanning so that will be good. but the greg norman breakup and the fashion designer story are only a few steps from revolutionary new bras and celeb fad diets. This year 60 will be a polar bear in the jungle, a good quality show between the tackiest of shows of which’s only purpose is to rip out a boob.

    judging by episode one the 9 disease has hit 60 as well, but i won’t make a judgement yet. but as with anything on 9 it has to be a possibility that we will get ‘adults only’ specials by the end of the year.

    and i don’t know what they are trying to achieve with eddie here. the man who continually tops surveys as our most hated public figure. constantly with his smug, arrogant, sucess-driven, unaustralian attitude hanging from his shoulders.

  6. i hope the huge budget cuts don’t affect sixty too much this year. this episode looks terrible, all those storys would only be mediocre for ACA and that’s saying something. lets hope it’s a one-off. Eddie sure can clear a room, and Border is sure to take some viewers.
    so it will have some tough times ahead but 30 years don’t count for nothing

  7. nooooo, i don’t wan’t eddie infecting 60. it’s just about the only show i like on 9. although if they are undergoing a younger direction (which 9 seems to think means tacky and cheap) i am not interested.

    i mean a feature on fashion designers. i can understand that there are people interested but why have it as a feature on a CA program with a good reputation. it is a typical ACA story.

  8. I think 60 minutes has good team of reporters why on earth do they get in guest reporter like eddie,another stupid way of nine making eddie earn his 4 million a year job

  9. greg norman’s breakup. . . “Other stories this weekend include a piece on Aussie fashion designers Peter Alexander and Henry Roth plus the collapse of Storm Financial.”

    well i knew budget cuts were going to take their tolls but i didn’t think it would be that bad and this soon.

  10. i like 60 last weeks progam program was really good. i thought they did a great selection job, it was always going to be a challenge fitting 30 years into about 70 mins.
    but i was hoping that they would do a better feature on the bushfires. that is one thing that SN has been doing very well and it would have been good to see how they would have handle it. it just seems like a big missed opportunity, it would have been a great way to start the year and say after 30 years we still got it. but maybe it had something to do with the mourning.

    a celebrity break up story, fasion designer interview, and a company collapse story, and no mention of the fires. not exactly the powerstart i was expecting. and don’t even start me on the eddie decision.

  11. Eddie really should not be filing a story for 60 Minutes. His inteviewing skills are average at best, and while I don’t hate him like some other people (I actually think he’s quite good for a show like 1 vs. 100 or a telethon etc.), in an interview he doesn’t seem to show much empathy for the interviewee.

  12. I’d love to earn 4 million a year for reporting an odd story here and there… hosting a special from time to time… (I admit to not knowing how much he is on TV in Melbourne for the AFL, but still…) Wonder how this affects the balance books at 9?

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