TEN wins Sunday

jbuttonNetwork TEN has won its second night of ratings this year, thanks to a big push from the 2009 Australian Grand Prix. The twilight event helped push the race into primetime, something networks have long desired of the AFL Grand Final.

It follows the network winning last Thursday, when the Richmond v Carlton match helped it win the night. On the back of its launch for ONE, sport looks a winner with the TEN audience.

The race pulled just over 1m viewers nationally. In Melbourne, the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Race was the top program in total people for the night with 477,000 viewers.

The big lead in sure helped other shows. TEN also picked up 1.4m viewers for The Biggest Loser and 1.3m viewers with So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Both aired 30 minutes later than usual. A late 10pm start for Rove took 779,000 viewers.

TEN won Sunday with a 27.6% share over Seven’s 26.4% and Nine’s 25.3%.

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  1. At last! Justification for ONE at its best!

    ryan and Bogues – it wasn’t delayed: timezones and daylight savings means you were unaffected.

    Michael – Anti-siphoning laws prevent F1 being on ONE exclusively. Would hardly call an F1 car a lawn mower…ignorance is bliss I guess. How are things in Moe?

    Craig – F1 on TEN will continue to run late night but flick over to ONE and you’ll see it at 7pm.

  2. no worries dan, it sucks cause i rekon they could make alot of money out of the finale with ticket sales from the public, but oh well as u said we will just have to make a night of it and watch it on tv:)

  3. @ryan: Ten’s Sunday night shows were only delayed in NSW and Vic. Other states (including Queensland where I live) had the shows starting at their usual time. One of the benefits being on delayed from the south eastern states I guess 🙂

  4. Mac…priemtime is 6pm to 12.00am the perectage share that ten got was from 6pm to midnight, however the race from 6pm to 7pm counted in tens figures. and the best part for that is that these events tend to hit audience highs at the end as casually viewers and so forth flipp over to see who won. what happend and stay in the loop. the biggest loser had its higest rated ep of the season last night thanks to the f1

  5. I’m so glad that things seem to be going right for TEN. The ep of The Biggest Loser last night was quite good and it was reflected in increased ratings.

  6. correct me if i’m wrong but I’ve heard that the overall rating figures are based on prime time only, meaning that the 27.6% ten got yesterday is based on viewers after 6pm and that the viewers who watched before 6pm are not counted towards these figures.

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