A gold year for Rebecca

Packed to the Rafters' finale capped off an extraordinary first season for Rebecca Gibney, surely a hot favourite for the Gold Logie. But who else will get nominated next week?

raftersrg1Last night Julie and Dave Rafter, Australia television’s favourite new mum and dad, decided to keep the baby.

At age 44 ‘Julie Rafter’ faces a number of health challenges that were laid out to her by a doctor, some of which could be life-threatening.

The episode capped off an extraordinary first season for the new Seven drama.

Less seriously, actress Rebecca Gibney, also 44, could be facing a challenge of her own, when the TV Week Logie nominations are announced next week.

Packed to the Rafters was one of the success stories of 2008, arguably matched only by Underbelly.

Both are bound to feature prominently in the nominee list next week.

Gibney, who has been an Aussie TV darling with the likes of Georgie Parker, Lisa McCune, Sigrid Thornton and Kate Ritchie, must surely be a hot contender for the Gold. But who else will join her?

Last year the nominees included Natalie Blair, Andrew Denton, Adam Hills, John Howard, Lisa McCune, Chris Lilley, Rove McManus and Ritchie. Lilley hasn’t had any series since 2007. Blair is unlikely to get a nod this year. Howard has been nominated several times without success. Denton had his final year with Enough Rope.

But who from Underbelly (Kat Stewart, Gyton Grantley, Vince Colosimo, Damian Walshe-Howling) would best represent the show in the Gold nominees?

The other shows to perform in ’08 included So You Think You Can Dance Australia and The Gruen Transfer. Will either host fall across the line in Gold?

And will a sentimental push for Ian Smith, after 20 years with Neighbours, succeed? It would be nice.

In drama Rafters and Underbelly will likely go up against City Homicide, All Saints, Home and Away and Rush. In the peer-voted Outstanding awards expect to see Satisfaction and East West 101 on the list. But where will this leave Bed of Roses, East of Everything, Sea Patrol, Scorched and historical docudramas from the ABC? Canal Road, Neighbours, Emerald Falls, McLeod’s Daughters and The Strip will surely miss out.

The Logies throws comedy in with light entertainment but The Hollowmen deserves to dominate. It was a light year for laughs, with no Kath & Kim, The Chaser, Thank God You’re Here or Summer Heights High. In a merged category how will often-overlooked comedies such as Chandon Pictures, Very Small Business, Newstopia and Swift & Shift Couriers compete against Rove, Australia’s Got Talent, The Gruen Transfer, Enough Rope and Spicks and Specks? They probably won’t.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia deserves the Most Popular Reality hands down. An honourable mention should go to Project Runway Australia. Trying to topple them will likely be Australian Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Australia’s Next Top Model and Farmer Wants a Wife. A battle between FremantleMedia and Granada? Probably.

Hugh Sheridan will be a popular choice in Best New Male Talent, likely to compete with Dean Geyer, Jordan Rodrigues and Matt Lee. Jessica Marais, Ricki Lee Coulter and Alix Bidstrup should get a nod in the female category. Magazine readers will be heard loud and clear here.

Other shows that should feature in the peer-voted category should be The Howard Years, First Australians, H20 Just Add Water, RocKwiz, Who Do You Think You Are and RPA. Lookout for other names such as William McInnes, Noni Hazelhurst, Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor, Madeleine West, Les Hill, Alison Whyte, Shaun Micallef, Michael Caton, Bojana Novakovic, Richard Roxburgh, Kerry Armstrong, Callan Mulvey, Don Hany and Susie Porter.

And a special shout out to our pals in community TV…

The nominees are out on Monday.

Who’s your tips?

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  1. I’m happy that Denton is up for the Gold and Popular Presenter, but where’s his show (Enough Rope) in the Light Entertainment Program section? And I thought that Wil Anderson / The Gruen Transfer would be up for nominations

    And didn’t All Saints beat Neighbours and McLeod’s Daughters in the ratings? Yet, it’s not nominated for a Most Popular Drama award. Strage, hey?

  2. “Last night Julie and Dave Rafter, Australia television’s favourite new mum and dad, decided to keep the baby.”

    I don’t watch the show, but I gather they were thinking of having an abortion?

  3. I completely understand David, and I’ve got no problem with your site policy on spoilers. It was just in this case I couldn’t tell it was a PTTR story simply from the title, which is all I see in my RSS feed dropdown in Firefox.

    No major drama – it’s nothing like the times when newsgroup trolls revealed the ending of the first season of 24, or several seasons of The Amazing Race and Survivor – in the subject line itself! 🙂

  4. I think Jodi Gordon had an outstanding year on H&A last year, with the cancer storyline. She really excelled, and i hope she gets a nomination, at least, for Best Female Talent- Silver Logie.

    I hope Packed to the Rafters wins Best TV Show, but i think Underbelly might take that out. It’ll be tight.

    Oh well, I dont really care for who wins, mostly just the glitz and glamour. Hopefully we see a fashion success on the red carpet as we saw at The Academy Awards this year 🙂

  5. Yes, I meant the reveal of the conclusion to last night’s episode right at the top of a post that, from its title, could have been about anything. Even if it was in the second paragraph after an opening indicating the post was about PTTR, that would have warned me off in time.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who records shows on my PVR when I’m out and watches them later. If I had to avoid TV Tonight in case of unexpected spoilers on shows I’ve got queued up to watch, I’d never read the site again. And I don’t want to do that.

    1. There are never easy answers to spoilers. So the best method is to be consistent so that readers know how the site operates before choosing whether to visit.

      The practice is therefore very simple: if a show has aired in Aus it is no longer considered a spoiler on this site.

      Even when we have the winner of Dance, Idol, Dancing with Stars aired on the East Coast but not on the West Coast it is no longer a spoiler. Why? Because other sites are reporting it. It’s news. I can’t run a dedicated TV site that lags behind other sites which freely publishing the info, because some people choose to modify their viewing. I absolutely hold off info on Eurovision winners (which are always known by midday) until it airs on the East Coast.

      Spoilers and Minor Spoiler alerts continue for shows that have not aired.

  6. well everyone seems to love rebecca gibney; men, women, old, young. she is the whole package warm, talented, relatable, humble, great personality. there aren’t really any other standout performances this year. Last year kate and chris had me guessing till the last minute.

  7. I reckon Natalia Bassinthwaite (Ms Eddy Everywhere) will have to at least get a Gold Logie Nomination. I’m quite a fan though, so that would not be a bad thing. But I agree with Rebecca Gibney being a hot tip to win it – she is such a great actress and has such a warmth in the show that viewers all over would lover her.

  8. well my hot contender for gold would definitely be rebecca, andrew denton might be her closest competitor.

    i would also like to see some of the city homicides get a mention. noni and shane have been great this season and they have both won AFI’s so the old people in the offices like them

  9. I wuld like to see Andrew Denton up for a gold and for best presenter.

    I think that the male and female new talest awards be combined as the one, as there’s not enough ‘new talent’ going around. I dont want to see people like Dean Geyer being nominated! lol

    I would like to see ‘Very Small Busniess’ and ‘Swift and Shift Couriers’ up for nomination for Outstanding Comedy

  10. Most Outstanding categories are clearly the most prestigious and only ‘real’ awards.

    My vote is for:

    Most Outstanding Drama: Underbelly
    Most Outstanding Comedy: Bogan Pride

    The ‘Best New Talent’ categories this year are a complete joke.

  11. Rebecca Gibney certainly deserves a Gold Logie nomination – I’m yet to see her in Packed to the Rafters (no Australian channels where I live 🙁 ), but I loved her in Halifax.

    By the way, does anyone know if there are any plans for Packed to the Rafters to be released on DVD?

    1. If you look at the names that were on offer for the Best New Talent on the Logie nomination you will find only a short bunch of names. Unfortunately it had no “other” category. I suspect Geyer and Coulter will resonate with the mag’s readers and make the list. It’s as simple as that.

  12. I reckon neighbours will actually win something this year.

    Margot Robbie for Most Popular female talent.

    Packed to the Rafters and Underbelly will win the main awards.

    I hope Home and away, Rush and All saints go home with nothing.

    I think All Saints will do worst of all as it is on its last legs and I hope reality TV like Farmer Wants a Wife does well. It would be nice to see McLeod’s win an award but I think thats highly unlikely.

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