Airdate: No Heroics

noheroicsThere are underdog heroes, and then there are the guys from No Heroics.

For starters, these unassuming, off-duty superheroes are British (practically a comedy within itself). The five are far more likely to be having a booze up at the local pub and looking to see who has made it onto the nightly news.

Check out the names and identities of this bunch:

The Hotness – aka Alex- (Nicholas Burns) who is able to heat up like a giant cigarette lighter and is desperate to be world-famous for his powers. But somehow Excelsor always manages to save the day before him.

Electroclash – aka Sarah – (Claire Keelan) controls machines with her voice and has a tempestuous relationship with Alex. However, she would rather steal a pack of cigarettes from a machine than help the ‘normal’ world with her power.

Timebomb – aka Don – (James Lance) can see up to 60 seconds into the future. However, these days in his retirement, the homosexual Spaniard only uses his flash force to his friends’ advantage.

She-Force – aka Jenny – (Rebekah Staton) is the third strongest woman in the world, but totally despises being a superhero. She would much rather spend her days at her desk waiting for Mr Right to come along…

Excelsor – aka Devlin – (Patrick Baladi) is the most powerful superhero of his generation and can basically do everything – he’s the George Clooney of capeworld, and the bane of Alex’s life.

Believe it or not, they couldn’t be shagged walkin’ on air…

There is supposedly an American adaptation in the works.

This anti-anti-hero series premieres 9:30pm Fri Mar 20 ABC2.


  1. David, not that really matters, but I have just noticed that the “e” is missing from “airdate” in the url of the post. Just thought I would let you know.

  2. Wow .. watched it on Friday night .. a couple of ‘heh’ moments and that was about it. The concept sounded good, but the execution was a little .. lacking.

    I like the concept of a ‘cape’ that monitors the pub’s patrons to make sure powers aren’t used .. but .. shouldn’t he actually have useful powers? That monkey thing was just dumb.

  3. Been meaning to watch this one, have heard it is worth it. I’ll be watching, that’s for sure.

    Also, I see the United States are already adapting their own version of this for ABC network. So much imagination in North America these days….

  4. I don’t know why it matters whether it is on ABC1 or 2.

    To me the only difference between the 2 channels is that ABC1 is on analogue and sometimes (rarely) has HD content via ABCHD). And surely there aren’t people on here still stuck with analogue.

  5. Unfortunately, only 7 episodes were made (with no real look of a second series, unless there’s something you’re not telling us, David).

    A great show, many “can’t believe they said that” moments and gnashing of teeth.

    Love it.

    Pity it’s relegated to the 2 channel… it’s funnier than some other stuff on ABC1.

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