Airdate: Alive and Cooking

600jamesinkitchenEither Nine has changed their mind (again) or reports on changes to Nine’s morning line-up were a bit quick off the mark.

Today Nine has announced it will replace its 11:30 cooking show Fresh with Alive and Cooking, WIN Television’s own cooking show hosted by UK celebrity chef, James Reeson.

It begins 11:30am Monday March 16.

Last month the Daily Telegraph noted that Fresh was axed due to a lack of sponsor, with Mornings with Kerri-Anne to extend to 11:30am and Nine Morning News to move to 11:30am.

But that isn’t what is playing out.  Based on scheduling information is seems there is now no switch except from Fresh to Alive and Cooking.

Earlier this week Seven announced The Morning Show would extend to 11:30am from March 16. So far that’s still going ahead.


  1. Denise Kafcaloudes

    I love watching your programme, try to copy the receipes down by long hand but always seem to miss some of the ingredients,.
    I cannot find your page to get a download . please tell me how to do it

  2. Leonie McKenna

    I thoroughly enjoy the show and try and watch it every day. I was watching on 25/1/12 and he made a dish with a mince dish in puff pastry and the name started with B, it was the first recipe of the day. I could not catch the proper name of the dish so could not look it up, it sounded like Baba or something, not babagaloush. It was mince mixture in puffed pastry and baked. Could you tell me what the proper name is so I can look it up. Thank you.

  3. Where are you ? I miss my favourite show, how refreshing is James, I never felt like cooking before , but he makes it interesting and fun, keep up the good work, there are lots of people like me who need more confidence in the kitchen. Thank you,

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