Airdate: Bridezillas

Guess what's replacing Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Nine?

bzillsThe Nine Network continues its Tuesday reality night by bringing US series Bridezillas to replace Secret Diary of a Call Girl which ends on March 10th.

It begins 10:30pm Tuesday March 17th.

The series is another that has already aired on subscription television. It follows the lives of engaged women, putting together their weddings with controlling, hysterical and erratic behaviour.

The show began production in 2001 but Nine will pick up from the third series (2005).

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  1. i would love to see survivor there but if not atleast show ER, fringe, gossip girl.

    gossip girl would probably be the most appropriate. not that it’s trash, it would just have a similar audience.

  2. Why bother with such trash, seriously. Nine have Survivor and Weeds both sitting their waiting, plus a dozen more shows, I’m crying out for more weeds right now. Yet its treated so horribly yet, Bridezillas gets prime treatment?!?!?!

    Where is the justice in that!!!

  3. Wow that’s astoundingly stupid – Survivor would be a much smarter programming move against Eli Stone (not that there are many more episodes left of that) and then move Bridezillas to Wednesday night after the Farmer Wants a Wife night …

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