Airdate: Damages

phewes1The first season of Damages airs on the W Channel from April 17th.

The drama series starring Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Ted Danson is one of the most intelligent dramas in recent years. But its non-linear storytelling also saw some viewers unable to keep up. Both in Australia and the US networks found audiences slipping, an issue that was tackled by the second series which is currently screening on the FX Network.

But it also picked up several awards, notably for Glenn Close’s magnetic performance as lawyer Patty Hewes.

Close took out both an Emmy and Golden Globe.


  1. Interview with Rose Byrne in the Age about this series. Might check it out as I’d never heard of it. Pity the interview gave away a major series one plot point. Now I’m not sure if it’s worth watching.

  2. The show has only been greenlighted for 3 seasons by Murdoch’s FX network in the US and it’s 2nd season’s US ratings have been as extremely low
    as season 1’s ratings have been (which is understandable, as it’s a fairly dark serialised show). Being genuinely filmed in New York city, it’d be expensive to make, so unless season 3’s US ratings improve markedly (which I greatly doubt, even though Damages is an excellent show), I suspect it may be a 3 season show only.

  3. only 2 episodes left of season 2.

    probably slipping viewers because the show is far too intelligent for society. the show has already been renewed for s3, and closes’ contract runs until s6. so i’m not worrying.

  4. its a safe bet nine has on-sold the series to foxtel. Not much of it seeing the light of day on free tv. Season 2 is insanely good. Even better than the first season. Only two weeks left of season 2 in the US.

  5. hi guys, we’re promoting Damages season 2 in the uk so just thgouht ylou might like to know that episodes 1-6 are available now to own on itunes.
    cheers and enjoy the rest of the season!

  6. Im so glad this has gone to foxtel, hopefully they will go straight into season 2, channel 9 should not be allowed to even touch shows like this.

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