Airdate: Dirt Game

Break out the hard hats. The ABC's six part drama set in the mining industry is coming to Sunday nights in April.

dgame11The next Australian-produced drama, Dirt Game, will be featured in a prime 8:30pm Sunday night slot on the ABC.

With a cast including Joel Edgerton, Freya Staford, Gerald Lepkowski, Shane Connor and Katie Wall, Dirt Game tells the story of the industry’s men and women – from the faction-torn board, to the workers at the hazardous ore face – striving to save a proud, if crippled Australian firm.

The six part series written by Michael Harvey and produced by David Taft and Michael Harvey (State Coroner) is set before a backgrop of deep underground mines, gaping pits and the vast expanse of the Australian desert.

The story begins as UK oil executive Brian Jardine (Gerald Lepkowski) and Australian geologist Megan Kerr (Freya Stafford) have been given six months to turn the company’s fortunes around. Up for the challenge is a strongly committed specialist team made up of engineer Max Mees (Shane Connor), ex-unionist Shane Bevic (Joel Edgerton) and former environmentalist Caz Cohen (Katie Wall). With boardroom backstabbing, growing safety and environmental issues, financial pressures and employee unrest, the odds are stacked against them.

The series is directed by Brendan Maher (Spooks, Silent Witness, The Society Murders, MDA) and Grant Brown (Underbelly, McLeod’s Daughters, Blue Heelers).

It premieres Sunday April 19th.

A trailer is currently airing on the ABC website.

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  1. BM-dog. Well, there’s overlap for me. I choose Australian dramas over the overseas stuff because I enjoy watching Australian stories. I get so annoyed whenever two Australian dramas are put up against each other, when there are so many other free timeslots throughout the week.

  2. J Bar – I’m not sure if there’s an enormous overlap between the audiences for an ABC drama and a commercial cop show. Sunday 8.30 is always the ABC’s timeslot for premium dramas so I think it makes complete sense.

  3. Sunday is a very competitive night and it will go head to head with another Aussie drama, City Homicide. That’s not good. Why doesn’t the ABC screen these Aussie dramas on less competitive nights such as Wednesday and Thursday night?

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