Airdate: Melbourne International Comedy Gala 2009

melbcomfestShaun Micallef will host the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Gala, the 14th event with a star-studded line up of performers in aid of Oxfam Australia.

Local and international comedians will include Dave Hughes, Arj Barker, Tom Gleeson & Steve Coogan.

The two hour event airs 8:30pm March 30th on TEN, in place of Good News Week.


  1. Reynold Slade

    How can I obtain a copy of the Chooky Dancers performance on the night of March 30. It was awesome and thank you Ch 10 for showing it.

  2. The aboriginal dancers are called “The Chooky Dancers”. They have a recorded performance which I viewed a couple of years ago on YouTube.

    ABC News site has more.

  3. Hey does anyone know the name of the song the aboriginal guys were dancing to in the beginning? It sounded like happy italiam amd aboriginal techno
    Please please let me know if u know it

  4. im sorry but no one still told me where i could get the song
    everyone says its on youtube
    i looked like crazy and to no avail
    what do i type in
    or can i get a link plz

  5. I do believe the rap guy was talking about the day Arthur Philip arrived, not Cook. I saw him do it on Tuesday at the Raw Comedy heat in Melbourne and it was edited for TV. Much better live.

  6. omg i need to know where to find that song
    the rap one with des bishop about australian history
    if anyone has it can they contact me
    thanks alot

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