Airdate: Oprah’s Big Give

Oprah + Free money + Needy Americans = Sunday arvo filler.

oprahs-big-give02Hands up all those who can’t live without a dose of Oprah on their weekends?

Oh well, for the handful remaining, you’ve got more coming from Sunday March 22nd when TEN premieres Oprah’s Big Give from 12pm -a reality series spreading optimism and cash (‘cos they so go together) to needy Americans.

Hosted by interior designer Nate Berkus, the reality series sees 10 contestants travel to a different U.S. city to dish out money like good ol’ philanthropists. Sometimes they are assigned to help a particular individual or organisation, while others are simply told to find people in need.

Each week one person is crowned ‘The Biggest Giver’.

Despite having Amazing Race creators (the distinctly named) Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri it didn’t score a second season. Maybe it would have had a better shot post economic meltdown?

Looks like something had to ‘give.’

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  1. Don’t let the word “Oprah” in the title lead you to believe that she really had anything to do with this show. She’s maybe in it 1 or 2 minutes an episode, at the start, and appearing via the magic of pressing play on the DVD player.

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