Airdate: Pushing Daisies

pushing-daisies-castMore than a year after it was first touted by the Nine Network, Pushing Daisies will finally hit Australian screens.

The series will premiere on the W Channel at 7:30pm Tuesday April 7th.

Nine on-sold the series to pay television after deciding it was too niche for the network. This is despite the first episode being distributed via free DVDs in Sunday newspapers and branded as a bright new hope for 2008.

Nine sold Chuck and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Foxtel for similar reasons.

Pushing Daisies by Bryan Fuller is a fantasy-driven dramedy bursting with colour and kooky characters.

The show has since concluded in the US.


  1. @ Ro. No apparently Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone just finish at whatever episode they got up to. No conclusion, which sucks. Both Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone are brilliant shows so watch it, it’s well worth it.

  2. Amazing show. I have watched the first season and eagerly awaiting season 2. It will work well on W. Such a shame this (and Eli Stone) was cancelled.

    I hope Foxtel picks up United States of Tara. Amazing writing and Toni Collette shines. 7 and 9 couldn’t cope with this series. They wouldn’t get it.

  3. Yeah i don’t have Foxtel but I’ve seen this show. It’s brilliant, best new show in ages. This show was too good for Nine anyway, Nine doesn’t deserve quality liek this. I’ve still got most of season 2 to see tho. Any news on dvd release?

  4. It’s a great show, too bad it’s been canceled in the US.

    Ch9 sold of a number of shows, what will they do for their 2nd SD channel, probably buy them back in a few years?

  5. Meh, seen it all already. Except for the final three episodes, of course, which have already turned up German-dubbed and will get out in English eventually.

    It’s a great show, though, potential Foxtel viewers. Do yourself the proverbial favour.

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