Auditions: SBS lifestyle show

shovelOk technically it’s not auditions, but you get the drift.

SBS is looking for people to participate in a new lifestyle programme. It says it’s looking for people with ‘backyard/life issues.’

I guess we all have ‘life issues’ in one form or another but there are four areas they will focus on.

They are offering ‘a little friendly advice’ for those happy to be filmed.

Pimp My Plants: Do you have a problem spot lurking in the corner of your backyard? A place where dirt itself struggles to survive?

Ask a Yia Yia: Our Yia Yia is a feisty old Ninja Nanna to be reckoned with – the font of all homespun, age-old knowledge and mystical know how. Whether you want to master the perfect Halloumi salad or learn how to get stubborn stains out of your favourite apron, she’s got all the answers.

Are You Floating Away: Does your house/backyard sometimes resemble a swimming pool? Do you have rising damp, have you or any of your family suffered any ailments as a result of pooling water in or around your house?

A Caring Community: Is your school or community group particularly green? Do you have outstanding water management techniques? Maybe you have a very nice community garden that is the envy of all those around?

Check out more on the series to be produced by Freehand TV at the SBS site here.

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  1. Wow. Lovely to see SBS continueing its tradition of challenging programs…not! Why do they have to take something like a renovation or reality show and put that cheep SBS DV camcorder look on it? SBS is commissioning show after show athat are niether merticious or entertaining. The programs exist in a midle ground of weak compromise. This is just the kind of show the commercial stations are doing and perhaps with a different twist to it but they have lost the zest of experimentation or substatual edge of yester-year. What next a quiz show about sports? they are doing that too! The fact is more people may be watching SBS, debatable, but less people love it than in the past. This show will not rate well just like the other pitifull attemps of reality TV they have commissioned. Thats what SBS management cares about. Mabee I am overeacing and should judge the program when it comes out but SBS has made a lot of crap decisions. Oh and those ads about the”SBS foundation” is BS. That is not a new thing, they have always shown ads for charities etc. they have to because its in their charter. A transpernent feel good PR excersisie.

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