Billy Connolly travels to Seven

billy-connolly-journeyChannel Seven has acquired Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World from ITV Global.

The 4×1-hour series takes viewers on a voyage through the North West Passage, a legendary route deep within the Arctic Circle.

The acquisition comes ahead of the show’s debut at MipTV, the television sales-fest in Cannes. It follows the network recently picking up a series featuring UK comic Russell Brand.

The Connolly series premiered on ITV1 in February, coming in at the number one spot among all audiences in prime time. The broadcast joined a number one selling hard-back book of the same name, which is set to hit retail in Australia in April.

Angus Ross, Seven’s head of scheduling and acquisitions, said, “Billy Connolly’s unique style of travelogue has always been very warmly received by Australian audiences and this series will be no exception—it is his most spectacular and inspiring journey to date.”

The show is expected to air in April.

Source: World Screen


  1. Charmaine Reidy

    Go Billy! Love you on the T.V. you are very refreshing, thank you for being your olds funny self. Am truly enjoying the Journey to the Edge of the World , T.V series. Are you doing Australia? or more of them? Good on you channel seven for thinking outside the box.

  2. Neale Sullivan

    Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World , I missed Sat 2nd May’s episode on Prime. Is there anywhere that I can catch up with it ??

  3. This is a fine Billy Connolly show. Unlike the “World Tour” series, he doesn’t do any stand up shows around Canada to be peppered throughout the episodes, and he narrates, which he’s not done before either, so there’s a slightly different feel to the series.

    And you learn a lot about the rugged end of Canada.

  4. I was thinking the same thing NK I’ve been waiting for ages for 7 to finish the Palin series.

    I’ve loved Billy since he did the brilliant World Tour of Scotland and can’t wait for this but i won’t rely on 7 that’s for sure. Warmly received? That’s why they axed the NZ series!

  5. Could these comedian hosted series, when coupled with Seven’s rights to some cult comedy classics be a sign of the channel’s second SD programming?

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