Dead Set zombies for SBS

deadsetSBS has picked up the rights to the horror series Dead Set, a 5×30-minute drama, which tells of a zombie attack on the UK Big Brother house.

The series was shot in HD in the U.K., where it aired on Channel 4 and E4. In Britain, the TV broadcasts were also followed by a nationwide DVD release of a full-length movie version.

Tom Toumazis from the Endemol Group, commented: “Dead Set is clever, thrilling, funny and genuinely scary. Not only is it brilliantly written but it has been cinematically executed and its blackly comic take on the world of Big Brother makes it one of a kind.”

The series features BB host Davina McCall as herself, and several former housemates, despite the fact it was shot in a purpose-built “house.”

Sounds like some zombies need a good turkey slap.

Source: World Screen


  1. It’s brilliant! We’ve got a review coming up over at Boxcutters in the next couple of weeks, but if you like George A. Romero you will definitely like this… So pleased to see it turning up on our screens! (um… our “legal” screens… that is…)

  2. I thoroughly recommend it. I was on holiday in the UK when it went out. It’s made with an excellently dark sense of humour. And for those that know the British BB contestants, there are some nice little cameos too…

    David, has SBS said how they’ll broadcast it yet? It went out on subsequent evenings in the UK (nicely timed to reach a climax on Halloween night).


    Tim – Mumbrella

  3. I’ve also watched this gem (a couple of times actually) and it absolutely rocks.
    Very graphic, well acted and put together and it’s a treat seeing real BB UK people in it.
    Especially Davina’s role and even having the voice over guy’s voice really make it look more legit from the start.

    I’d recommend recording all episodes and watching them all in one hit if possible.

  4. testing_the_patience

    I too got itfrom the UK on DVD and it is truly fantastic. No real BB footage in it though. I loved everything about it. The acting is top notch, the drama, the thrills, the comedy and even the way it was shot all are really great. It’s a must see. Great ending too!

  5. I got this sent over on DVD from the UK.
    It’s amazing! The goriest thing ever broadcast on TV anywhere, I’d say. But as well as that, like all good zombie stories, it is really spot-on satire. It particularly strikes a cord with me, as it’s main target is reality TV, and the people who watch it.

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