Donald Sutherland, deja vu.

dsuthWell it’s not quite The Darlings but it might well be The Darlings in white coats.

Following on from Dirty Sexy Money, Donald Sutherland will play the patriarch of another wealthy, dysfunctional family, in CBS’ The Eastmans, a family of doctors. Sutherland will play a distinguished cardiologist.

He will be partnered up with Jacqueline Bisset who plays an emergency room nurse.

Now all they need is Kiefer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. oh and I do realise that 2 of the Desperae Housewives’ stars were in Melrose Place, so they had 2 successful TV stints…..but the time frame between Melrose and Despos was over 5 years…….another thing Sutherland should do is take a break. He can’t just keep ‘flogging an old horse’, if you know what I mean.

  2. This guys needs to slow down and take a hint. He was on ABC for Commander In Chief then Dirty Sexy Money and now this. Do what all other successful TV stars do and get off the commercial TV and go to cable. If he’s lucky he can be like the guy who played Becker.

    Eventually people get tired of the same character (which is what he seems to be doing each show)

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