Easter non-ratings update

In the first week of Easter non-ratings Seven keeps some shows on air, but adds repeats and holds off new eps too.

easter-eggsProgramming changes for the Easter non ratings period will see a mix of withheld, repeated and continuing shows on Channel Seven in the week of April 5th.

New episodes of Sunday Night, Infamous Assassinations, 24, Home and Away, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Eli Stone, Lost, Private Practice and Better Homes and Gardens are all confirmed. A new ep of Coastwatch will air at 8pm Sunday.

In place of new episodes there are repeats planned for Border Security, How I Met Your Mother, Boston Legal, RSPCA Animal Rescue, Find My Family and Criminal Minds. Bones continues in repeat, but at an earlier time of 8:30pm. Seven also has repeats of Crimes That Shook The World planned for 9:30pm Sunday and Wednesday.

Although there are still some TBAs, the following are out (Triple Zero Heroes, City Homicide, Beyond the Darklands, Ghost Whisperer, Grey’s Anatomy) while several are unconfirmed (Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, All Saints, Australia’s Got Talent).

In AFL states there is a match on Thursday night April 9th and the annual Good Friday Appeal on April 10 in Melbourne.

A second week of non-ratings programming will follow on April 12th.

More confirmed titles to follow (tip: expect several movies, guys!)

These changes apply in the Melbourne market.

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  1. too bad channel 7 wont use the time to air scrubs “my new role” and “my lawers in love” as they were not showed. thank goodness for dvds etc. i’m just pleased that its going to end on primetime….. or will it?

  2. Still don’t understand why there has to be non-ratings periods in this day and age. People still watch TV – probably more than usual, ratings are still reported and networks still react to the ratings during these times. And summer non-ratings was just 7 weeks ago.

  3. I’m surprised 7 aren’t or may not be continuing with new eps of Housewives, B&S and Grey’s. Could be the perfect time to draw in lost viewers with little competition on the other networks.

    I also thought they’d want to keep Grey’s and PP in synch for the cross over episodes, unless they are not yet in synch

  4. well i guess we can’t make a judgement until we can compare it to 9 and 10’s. but so far that is not to bad. i am impressed. didn’t expect them to have new eli stone that has been doing them well and has limited episodes.

  5. this is a long season of DH so if CH season 3 is going to fit into the year in that slot after DH then they will need to run through 1 week of easter. the first monday usually isn’t affected to much by the easter viewer loss but easter monday is.

    good to see there will not be an easter break for lost this year

  6. I don’t think Australia’s Got Talent will screen on the easter break.
    The first of the grand final show is being recorded Fri 3 April & the final on Fri 18 April, the last show I would “think” would be Wed 22 April – which leaves Thank God Your Here to move in on Wed 29 maybe!

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