Eddie locks in Millionaire

Nine throws Eddie a lifeline. Or is it the other way round? Millionaire is back in the hot seat.

eddiemillAs first tipped by TV Tonight last month, Eddie McGuire is returning to front Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The faster-version of the show is based on European variations of the format which drives through more contestants and requires them to lock in answers more quickly.

In its recent pilot it was dubbed Millionaire: Russian Roulette, but the final title is Millionaire Hot Seat.

“It’s the best game show in the history of television, and the hottest movie in the world,” McGuire told the Herald Sun. “Millionaire is back by popular demand, with a twist.

“Never has it been more appropriate to give people a chance to win great money. Millionaire Hot Seat has a quicker format, but the famous drama remains.”

The last time the show aired it was a live to air version, with a “multi-millionaire” prize on offer (Remember? That was the time he fobbed off Viva Laughlin just minutes before its doomed premiere.)

As in the US, the show is hoping to capitalise on the “flavour of the month” with Slumdog Millionaire‘s sweep at the Oscars.

No timeslot or airdate has yet been announced.

Next week Nine is also shooting a new version of Let’s Make a Deal.

Source:  Herald Sun

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  1. You can see the details of the new Millionaire show at Nine site under the Terms and Conditions link. Amongst other things, there are time limits for questions (early questions get 15 seconds, harder ones up to 45 seconds).

    The show revolves around 6 contestants answering questions in the ‘hot seat’, but the amount of money won varies.

  2. I agree with basically everyone in saying that it would best work in the 8:30-9:30 timeslot. I would put it on Thursdays, so its Getaway, Millionaire Hot Seat and The Footy Show. I would like to see The Price Is Right at 5:30pm again. Maybe with Ed Phillips, but Channel Nine would probably put Bert into that show. I will be watching Millionaire anyway. I don’t get what is so wrong with Eddie, but I can see how some people may not like him. After all, he did screw up the Nine Network.

  3. I’m not sure, i still give the online flash game a run now and then, i also still play the WWTBAM pc game and Gameboy Advance version (essentially the pc version but more compact). Yet i don’t have the patience to watch it as a tv show these days, i tried to get into the version that they aired in late 2007, the format just bores me.

  4. Quicker version !
    30 min show – I gather that means the contestant might answer 3 questions to allow for commercial breaks and Eddie to go into ‘war and peace’ on family,lifestyle,other shows,hardship,cross promotion , throw in chatting to audience and “we’ll be back after this break for the answer”

  5. Isn’t Let’s Make a Deal essentially The Price is Right? I don’t think having two shows called ‘Deal’ will win Nine viewers.

    Local version of Bargain Hunt for 5:30! You know it’d work.

  6. If a quicker version means they give someone the first 3 questions upfront and the contestant has the chance to punch in the answers without talking, that would help, but by and large, knowledge based quiz shows rate poorly with younger viewers, which is presumably why Nine ditched WWTBA and Temptation in the first place.

  7. Millionaire will work if they truly stick to quicker format. Problem is, Eddie seems to talk too much and he can’t help himself. And lets not go to every ad break before finding out if the answer is right or wrong, please. Probably better as 1 hour, once a week. Not 5 times, and definitely not at 5.30.

  8. Let’s make a deal??? What are they gonna put that up against Deal or no deal??? Channel Nine really are hopeless. They can’t think of anything original. And Eddie certainly isn’t gonna make me want to watch Channel Nine.

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