Everyone’s a winner

rfinaIt was a week that gave everyone reason to smile -well everyone in commercial telly, anyway.

The Seven Network again won the week, its sixth so far this year. Seven won with a 28.6% share to Nine’s 26.1% and TEN’s 23.1%. ABC had 17.0% and SBS: 5.5%.

Seven won key demos 18-49 and 25-54. TEN won 16-39.  Seven also won Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Nine won Monday, while TEN took out Thursday – topping its best week so far this year.  Seven won all cities -just. It won Brisbane by just 0.1% and Sydney by 0.3% ahead of Nine.

Underbelly was again the top show of the week taking 2.07m, its lowest audience this season. But it was enough to better the best of Packed to the Rafters in 2009. The show’s finale  nevertheless took an impressive 2.03m. The conclusion of the show could now create opportunities for rival networks, unable to topple Seven’s strong Tuesday line-up.

NCIS (1.39m), Spicks and Specks (1.23m) and Top Gear (899,000) were again tops for TEN, ABC and SBS. The debut of Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure took 674,000 which was quite  drop from the 1.15m tuned into The Gruen Transfer before it. Did they not even want to try the new show? The finale of Aussie Ladette to Lady took 955,000. More finales are due this week with the last ratings week before the Easter break.

The launch of ONE on Thursday night was joined by the network’s first nightly win of the ratings year. Its AFL match soared to 709,000 viewers in Melbourne and just over 1m nationally. Ratings for the new channel will be supplied from early April.

Week 13


  1. Based on what 9 are offering over the next few weeks and beyond, I’d say its a battle between 7 and 10. I can’t see Rafters fans going to 2.5 Men, more likely NCIS on 10 will benefit.

  2. I agree with bernadette, “Lawrence Leung show looked awful” and i watched Spicks then Gruen and turned over.
    Nine seem to only have “Let’s show more boob shots Underbelly and otherwise, even SBS might beat them.Istill have not watched Undernbell on Monday nights since first ep and wonder how many in same boat asme (without rating book) have done same.Seven will have to be smart now that City Homicide and Packed finished for awhile (odds are they will rush new series of these)

  3. I can’t wait to see PTTR return, what an exellent finale and I am so glad Julie and Dave are going to have the baby, this will be a great storyline.

  4. this was a great week for 7 and 10. not very good for 9.

    the next 5 rating weeks should be 9’s time to shine. i doubt they will win any weeks in tp’s seeings that they are coming 3rd on 2 nights and only winning 1 night which is not even that spectacular (shares-wise) any more. but they should pick up a few demo weeks.

  5. The lineup of Gruen and Laurence Leung is quite strong IMO, I’m not surprised the latter didn’t rate well though, compared to some of the smut that rates through the roof (Adults 20 to 1, 2.5 men, Ladette to Lady, et cetera). I predict NCIS will start getting figures of 1.5mill on Tuesday nights, possibly rising to 1.7 mill like it was last year pre-Rafters.

  6. So with TEN winning one night and SEVEN having a good week does that mean NINE was the looser for the week?

    No Packed for a couple of months could well be the deciding factor in the weekly winner and who ends up on top at the end of the year.

  7. “But it was enough to better the best of Packed to the Rafters in 2009”. You are assuming that the second series of PttR won’t top last week’s episode. I’m picking the first episode of the season will top the finale, just to see how the baby is doing.

  8. I don’t think Lawrence Leung was advertised particularly well. It was advertised but I had no intention of watching it until my DVR recording of Gruen picked up the first few minutes. Have since watched it on iView and it was good. Hope word of mouth is strong.

  9. Next week could be a lot closer with no Rafters on 7. But I can’t see 9’s lineup capitalising on the lack of competition on Tuesday, however Ten could have a cracker of a night.

  10. Nine might be glad that they ran Seven well in Syd & Bris this week, but they had little else to smile about. Underbelly, whilst still rating through the roof, has dropped 400,000 viewers since the premiere with no signs of gaining those viewers back. Meanwhile, they lost in all demo’s.

    Seven would be hoping Tuesday’s can continue to hold tight, though this week will be a throw-away to TEN. They’ll have quite a few new series after Easter to make up for the loss of PTTR.

    TEN put in a somewhat solid effort last week, and this week could be just as strong with NCIS having no real rivalry and Dance creating a few headlines over the last few days. Still, that 6-7.30pm weeknight period is killing them.

  11. I was one of the folks who turned off Aunty after Gruen last week. Everything I saw about the Lawrence Leung show looked awful – just not my cup of tea at all. So I went and did the dishes and the ironing (that’s how bad it looked)

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