Family Guy meets Star Trek: Next Gen

family-guy-star-trek-nextFamily Guy loves to joke about movies, pop culture and television. And here’s an upcoming look at the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation doing a guest appearance .

In the episode, Stewie creates an invention beaming the entire Trek cast to his bedroom so they can spend a day together in Quahog  (large video player, takes a moment to load).

But not all the parodies go down so well. On Family Guy Volume 6 DVD Seth McFarlane says a gag at the expense of The Simpsons did not have the FOX network laughing.

“You cannot do this gag,” he was told.

“We want to end the feud.”

McFarlane says there was no rival animation feud and that Simpsons had had plenty of gags at Family Guy’s expense.

“This seems a little personal,” he was told.

The offending gag was later ‘paintboxed’ out.

WARNING: Language.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. the ad i saw on 7 for family guy was for a family guy and my name is earl movie event thingo that they said is coming soon. guess that means they’ll be following it with the return of both shows.

  2. I saw this entire thing on Channel Seven last year! It was one of the first episodes after it followed that awful Out of the Question show at 9pm!! That was gold. BTW FOX has made the dumbass decision the last 2 years to only make 12 Family Guy episodes every year, no idea why since the writer’s strike finished yonks ago but season 8 has only aired 10 eps so far (since starting in September 08) over a span of 7 months. If Seven were to start airing FG which they probably will with American Dad after Easter, they’d be out of product after 12 weeks.

  3. This episode aired on Seven/Prime in January 2008, but was edited – it started with Glenn and Marge walking onscreen, and included the whole “exterior shot of the Simpsons house” part. The part with the super and Quagmire chasing Marge didn’t appear.

  4. LOL love Family Guy but OMG what they get away with makes The Simpsons so tame!

    I really need to catch up to the show, (no thanks to ch7) lucky I’m only a few eps behind but something to look forward to 🙂

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