First quarter broken promises

Crusoe, Who Do You Think You Are, Local Heroes and more. What else did Nine promise for the first quarter of 2009?

ninequarterThere is just one week to go before we move into the second quarter of 2009.

Late last year, the Nine Network told its advertisers that a raft of new shows would air in the first quarter of 2009. But a number of the titles on the list still remain unaired.

Gathering dust on the Nine shelves, and promised for the first quarter, are:

Sea Patrol
Local Heroes
For Richer for Poorer
What’s Good For You

Who Do You Think You Are? (US)
When I Grow Up
Without a Trace

This mirrors a similar list at the end of 2007 which promised undelivered shows for 2008 including The Young Doctors, Toasted and Roasted, The Irwin Family’s Australia Zoo, Jingles and more.

Nine also appears to have changed hosts for the return of What’s Good For You, originally promised to be Dr Andrew Rochford (The Waiting Room). This week it was announced Lyndsey Rodrigues would front the show.

And while we’re on the subject of looming deadlines, on February 26th David Leckie promised Seven would reveal its plans for multi-channelling “withing the coming month.”

Nine yesterday indicated it would launch an entertainment channel later in the year.

Hopefully Seven will live up to its word by the end of Thursday.

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  1. Airdate for Seapatrol 3: Red Gold, is the 18th of May 2009, monday, im guessing 8.30pm in the Underbelly timeslot – which we all pretty much knew it would slot into

    Cant wait for this season – david do you get to preview the first episode and write a review before may 18?
    cause i think you did lats season for sea patrol 2: The Coup..

  2. Where is Survivor Gabon and Superstars of Dance? Neither have been screened. I suspect Superstars of Dance won’t be shown ever. Why it was not shown when it was on in the US is beyond me. They could have got a good audience in the non-ratings period and carried them into the rating period. But now they have spent money on a show that is in the archives.

    Apparently Survivor Gabon has been a beauty.

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