Gallery: Kath & Kim

kath-kim371Kath & Kim (US) is now just two episodes short of itsordered block for NBC..

NBC previously granted it a full season if the comedy, but then back-tracked on the order.

This week wasn’t the best for the comedy (or many other Thursday shows). A special edition of American Idol hit most of the opposition hard. The juggernaut obliterated everything its path.






kath-kim411Kath & Kim plunged 32 percent, from a 2.2  rating in 18-49s to a 1.5.

ABC’s Ugly Betty fell 17 percent and even Survivor took a hit, off 13 percent from a 4.5 rating to a season-low 3.9.

Since premiering to 7.5m million viewers Kath & Kim show has dropped to 4.1m viewers, and this week against the might of Idol, just 3.44m.

Source: Media Life


  1. I still don’t mind this show.

    It’d watch it any day over that horrible two and a half men which seems to be on tv 2 hours every night.

  2. the woman int he pics is wynona judd and is an episode from a few weeks ago…

    and yes, it’s picked up in humour, once you get used to a “cold and harsh looking/sounding” kath and kim it’s ok. but just ok.

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