Gallery: Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure

63Internationally successful Melbourne comedian Lawrence Leung has a new comedy series on the ABC this month. Produced by The Chaser team, Leung sets off on the adventures of a lifetime as he tries – in real life – to achieve the dreams he had for himself as a child.

Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure is described as “an imaginative documentary/comedy/adventure series where the innocence of childhood ambition clashes with the realities of adulthood resulting in unexpected consequences that are hair‐raising, heart‐warming and hilarious.”

It premieres Wednesday March 25 at 9.30pm on ABC1.





  1. I don’t think its predictable at all, you want predictable, go watch 2.5 men. This show looks fresh and entertaining, I’ll give it a whirl! I wonder how many eps it’ll be

  2. Love the trailer as it looks hilarious, but very Chaser-like (which is predictable since they are producers or consultants or writers or whatever of this).

    It’s very predictable though that he attempts to be a wrestler in order to be ‘more like a man’.

    I hope Australia will get it, as I’ve seen him live and he’s fantastic. Go Lawrence!

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